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  • Summertime Award Question

    Hi everyone. I had a question that ties in to a question I asked awhile back.

    Our den earned the Summertime award for attending all the activities in June, July & August. They were working on Tiger rank last year and earned that this past February. We started working on the Wolf rank this past June. Since none of them were scouts last summer, they didn't have a chance at this award when starting out to earn the Tiger rank.

    According to most sources I found online, they were to receive the award for the rank they just completed, not the one they were moving into. Last night they were given their pins for Wolf (and some new scouts that just joined in June got the Tiger one.) I was curious as to how your pack does it. At this point its moot, I'm glad they earned it and of course my son is not the least bit upset. I was just curious as we seemed to have done it differently than what I'd read about (I was the one who introduced the award to our pack for the first time back in March.)
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    I just read where someone asked this question in the thread below. Apologies for a duplicate, I had read that thread awhile back and that question had not yet been posted (it was only on the question in the first post.) So it seems lots of packs do it differently. Again, like I said, no big deal. I just expected it to go how the sites listed it. But then again, since we had new Tigers at the events this year, I guess it would be awkward to give them and our den both the Tiger pins.


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      I never understood the big "controversy".

      It is simple - Cubs can not earn awards for past, or future, levels. They earn the pin for the level they are IN.

      A boy who graduates from kindergarten, and joins a Pack that June is a Tiger Cub Scout. If his Pack earns the Pack Summertime Award Streamer, and he attends a Pack activity in June, July, and August, he would earn his Tiger Summertime Award pin.

      That Tiger Scout becomes a Wolf Cub Scout on the following June 1. He would then be eligible to earn his Wolf Summertime Award pin for activities attended that summer, as a Wolf Cub Scout.

      The next summer, when he is a Bear, he can earn his Bear Summertime pin.

      After graduating from 3rd grade, he becomes a Webelos Cub, and is eligible to earn his Webelos pin that summer.

      As Webelos is the ONLY level that encompasses 2 summers (after 3rd grade, and after 4th grade), a Webelos is eligible to earn 2 Webelos Summertime Award pins.


      • ADCinNC
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        While I totally agree with ScoutNut on this, and that was the way I was trained on this subject, look what I found that states the contrary:
        "Since the goal of this award is for packs to continue through the summer, the pin should match up with the Cub Scout’s last rank, not the one they are working on for the next year."
        So, a new Tiger who joins June 1st (rare yes but possible) is not eligible since technically he had no prior rank? As someone I know says often, this is just "foolishment".

      • Faith
        Faith commented
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        That site's info along with a few others is exactly why I was confused. Since I helped coordinate this originally, I relayed all the information I found on it. I went on to assume (as stated earlier) that since we had a few brand new Tigers attend all those meets (which was obviously unknown at the time I turned over all the info), I understand why it was done the way it was. It was our pack's first time so I assume this is also how it'll be conducted from here on out (it would have to be to keep everyone who continues year to year from getting duplicates.)

      • King Ding Dong
        King Ding Dong commented
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        Nice find ADC. Can't get much more official than the National Advancement Committee's news releases. Well that just about settles it. Except what to do with the June Tigers. Carry on.

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      Thank you SN I assume that is what we went by as well, which is fine. I was just confused as most sites that I have personally seen said the other way. I think its written that way online since so many don't have a chance at Tiger (last year we knew nothing about scouts until September, as only private schools had recruitment days in May 2012.) But the main thing is he earned it and was very proud - as am I I hope we can continue to try for it yearly!