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so if you were COR would you fold the pack or keep struggling along

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    A bit late, but my 2 cents.

    I would start to think about what is most beneficial to the kids. That should drive every decision you make. Having constant leadership turnover and no strong backbone of leadership to build on would mean to me its time to move the kids into the larger packs in the area. You don't want people to quit scouts because of the constant upheaval or there not being things to do because no one is planning them. Or adults to quit and take their kids out of scouting because the pressure/atmosphere is too much for them.

    Even in a larger pack the kids should be able to maintain their current dens, just do pack things together with the larger group.

    I would start a dialogue with the leadership of a close by pack and let them know your situation and see what your options are to merge with them if needed later on this year. Maybe you will get lucky in your recruitment and pick up some enthusiastic parents though, you never know.


    • #17's been a while since I wrote the Original Post.
      To follow up.

      Sent hom 3000 flyers from the 13 schools we can recruit from. yes, that's a lot of flyers, a lot of schools and a lot of potential scouts.

      Recruting nite I went in to it with NO EXISTING SCOUTS. Some are sort of interested,but wanted to see what happened with recruiting before deciding.

      Brought two boy scouts as a bit of help to play games. 8 years of cub scouting displays and photos, leader books, sample uniforms, yadda yadda yadda.
      Had received txts, emails, and phone calls from about 20 people.

      4 scouts showed up. 2 tigers, 1 bear and a webelos 5th grader.

      We talked about the minimum of 5 registered scouts and 5 registered adults.

      we talked about options, things we could do, joining another pack, recruiting.
      everyone went home with the idea to come the next week and bring a friend.

      So tonight we tried again--a den mtg to play games with boys scouts, do Bobcat stuff, and talk to parents.
      and we got 4 tigers, 1 wolf, 1 bear, 1 4th grade webelo and 1 5th grade webelo.

      They decided that yes, they want to have a pack and keep it going.
      Everyone went home with directions to do online training at
      and come back prepared for adult leader training night next wednesday nite--we are going to try to make out a calendar for pack mtgs and events, and figure out which items can all be done together as a group, etc.
      and for everyone to bring a friend.

      right now we look pretty much like the local LDS packs in size and with only 1 or 3 in each grade. Whether that's good, bad or just different I'm not sure.



      • TSS_Chris
        TSS_Chris commented
        Editing a comment
        Don't sigh. 8 Scouts where all the parents are involved is much better than a pack of 60 with only one or two involved parents.

        Work on building your program. Make it fun. Make sure you've got plenty of "bring a friend" activities on the calendar. If the boys get excited, their friends will want to join in.

        Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is a good Pack.