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What is the usual den meeting length?

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    Have the rules changed recently for running a pack? Used to be a requirement of the charter to have a separate Tiger DL if you had Tiger-aged boys; a separate Cub DL if you had Wolf and Bear-aged boys and a separate Webelos DL if you had Webelos. The only allowed combined dens were Wolf and Bear and Webelos I and II. How are you getting away with one DL running the ENTIRE program?


    • christineka
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      We don't do Tigers. We do have 1 wolf and 2 webelos leaders. I am the bears leader. Problem is that the webelos leaders are doing nothing (family issues). Also the wolf leader may be doing the best she can, but her best is just to show up most of the time. I am running the den meetings. LDS cub scout leadership is a bit different. The bishopric and the presidency over the children's program are inspired to "call" leaders to their positions. Then we can accept or decline. Therefore, it is extremely rare for anyone to just up and volunteer to do anything. (I guess I'm weird- I volunteered to play piano for the children's program on Sunday, but it was a no brainer because there was no one else to do it. I also volunteered to teach a very challenging class of 4-5 year olds, half of them having special needs. What was I thinking?) Things are not working in my congregation the way they should. The presidency over the children are supposed to be over cub scouts, but have told me they will have nothing more to do with the program. They refuse to help. The webelos leaders have told the bishop of their family issues and how they cannot do scouts, but he refuses to let them go, therefore no new leaders will be called. The wolf leader is doing her best, though her best is not very helpful. I have faith that I need to do what I have been called to do, but I need to study this out to figure out how I can possibly manage all of this. I have asked the scout master if he had any scouts that might help. (I'm not hopeful.) I also plan to send around a note to parents, asking for help. (Not hopeful there, either.) Perhaps I might even try to send around signups for helping with den meetings. I'm still trying to figure this out. I cannot quit. There are 8 boys that will be effected if I give up.

    • ScoutNut
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      I would say that it has been at least 6 years, probably more, since BSA changed the requirements for a new Pack to be -

      5 paid youth
      1 Charter Organization Rep (who can also double as a Committee Chair, or Committee Member)
      1 Committee Chair
      2 Non-Chair Committee Members
      1 unit leader
      and only
      1 den leader

      This was done so that small Packs would still be able to charter.

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    Basically it looks like Christineka has all the leadership she's required to have ON PAPER, but none really in person doing their job in person??!!

    I would ask each parent if they could help with 1 meeting, even if all they do is stay for the meeting and hang out. with the LDS church's history within scouting, any dads that sign up most likely were cub scouts themselves and they may be more helpful than you think. For big jobs, ask parents does anyone do woodworking and could help boys with birdhouses or making the step stools or pinewood derby cars? or if anyone is an outdoor nut that would show the boys how to set up a tent, or identify trees or rocks or do the whittling chit with them to teach pocketknive safety. moms can help with chore charts and cooking and anthign else that aligns with their interest.

    Now don't forget the community, or even the nearest traditional scout unit in your area if your bishop won't mind. sometimes there is a very small local pack that you can combine forces with for pinewood derby or other big things.
    But also don't forget to look around at lowes and home depot and michaels for things like birdhouse building workshops. and local rock and mineral museum for geology stuff, a local tree farm or nursery to do some plant identification and leaf collections, local bakery for a tour, ride on public transportation around the block, see if the local zoo has a scout discount day.

    Ask the boy scout troop if they can't give you a boy on a regular basis, could you get a couple of boys to help with pocketknife safety for webelos and bears? or for knot tying. or to play games for a cub scout olympics day. or help running the pinewood derby.

    Check for council or district events that will fullfill your needs as well.

    Don't do it all alone, ask and keep asking for help. you may not get what you want, but you might get what you need.....


    • christineka
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      I woke up this morning and realized if we keep the same evening time that we're doing for summer (because it was too hot to run around outdoors in the afternoon) that dads could help. I know my husband wants to come teach the computers and video games belt loops as well as engineer and the electrical stuff. There's another dad, who loves to help in his kids' classes at church, so I think he'd help at scouts. Even the bishop (a webelos' father) has taken a turn, teaching the webelos handyman, so perhaps he'd like to help at other times, too.

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    I agree with a lot of the others on here about starting on time. My meetings run about 45 minutes because I am limited by the school. I get there early to setup and I have two denners to help me setup. They are required to be there early to help setup. I start with the opening ceremony and then every month, I elect two new denners. If I started late then the ones that show up late would just show up even later. It's the same ones every time and they show up late to the pack meetings too. I am a firm believer in starting on time even if only two boys are there. For my pack meetings, I give raffle tickets to the boys that are there on time.


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      Christineka, I am so inspired by your dedication! Do LDS packs have a pack committee? If so, do you think the committee chair could help you? I do like Dedkad's idea of meeting once a month with each rank then once with all ranks. Would that work for you?