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Cub Mobile / Push Cart Plans?

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  • Cub Mobile / Push Cart Plans?

    I need to build a Cub Mobile / Push Cart in the next month. At the very least, I need a Push Cart or a Cub Mobile that could be converted into a Push Cart. Does anyone have plans with a parts list and directions on how to build it? Thanks in advance!

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    You will find info in the Leader How To Book. Google is also your friend here. The first page has lots of plans.

    I have wanted to do this before, but not enough interest in my pack. I think everyone gets burned out from the Pinewood Derby. Also we have apartment dwellers in our pack, so building one is tough for them. Not to mention it does get a bit expensive to build one. Not sure how you get a strip of tire for the break. With the environmental disposal rules now, it is not like you just find them laying around and then how do you cut it.


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      The bear handbook has good plans for a cub mobile in the electives section. Instead of a strip of tire for the break, I've seen some people use a hockey puck. We had a great time with our cub mobile. I couldn't build it, so I asked one the dads in my den. He did a great job. He ordered some really FAST wheels ad built it mostly of 2"x6"s and plywood. We won easily. It was little embarrassing. The boys were a little scared and dragged the break most of the way down the hill, and we still won. The way the district set it up, three boys to a car, three runs, add the times for all three runs. They had a cub scout bracket and a boy scout bracket. But the volunteer who organizes it retired from scouting, so we are not doing it this year. I'm really bummed because we have a really fast car! I would organize one myself, but I can't secure his venue, and I can't find another one.


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        I've seen an old tennis shoe used instead of a strip of rubber. We made one for our Tiger den about 5 years ago using the plans like in the Bear book. Went to district push mobile and saw many made of pvc, metal (not sure what kind) and some made of wood. Best advice I can give is do not omit the chocks that limit steering. We omitted them and our little Tigers were all over the place!