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Leader Appreciation awards

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  • Leader Appreciation awards

    I'm looking for some ideas for Leader appreciation awards including DL's, ACM, and CC. I know there is a Den leader appreciation plaque from the Scout store, but this is specifically for den leaders. I was going to get knives engraved, but that cost $35.00 just for the engraving.


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    On one campout we had a leader (an Eagle) burn his hand on a Dutch oven, so at B&G we set him up the a lid lifter, lid holder and welding gloves, for about $35

    I think on a more practical level. I have a knife I like.

    One of those trivets would be good also.


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      For the love of all that is good and right in the world: no plaques!

      How about a custom patch? Something that says "valued leader of pack ___"? I'm sure there's still a few novelties with "Leader of the Pack" on them.

      Also a picture with all of the boy's and their signatures would be awesome.


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        I love the idea of a pack photo with boys signatures.

        We gave our last Cubmaster a coffee cup which we had engraved with his name.


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          I saw something at scout that is called a THANKS pin. It's only a few dollars. If it were me, I would prefer the photo, but as I don't have time to take a photo of all the boys, I am going to be giving my leaders a THANKS pin. Next year, I think we will plan a nice big group photo at the pinewood derby or the blue and gold banquet.


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            Last year I spray painted skeletal hands gold I picked up on clearance after halloween and presented the pack leaders with the golden working their fingers to the bone award.

            The boys still talk about it.


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              Is there anyone with a special skill or craft ability that can make something? We recently had an experienced Cubmaster complete his second, 2 year term as the Packs Cubmaster. I made him a custom, hand-tooled knife sheath, as leather work is one of my hobbies and the pack pitched in a Buck 110 Knife ($39) (My leatherwork merit badge skills, are always coming in handy.) Perhaps someone can do something like this. I also liked the Idea of the custom patch too!


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                I came up with an idea to make a custom sort of plaque. I'm going to get a piece of oval wood plank from the craft store and glue their position patch along with the pack patch numbers. Then I'm going to woodburn 2012 - 2013 and get an engraved plate with their name on it. The last thing is to drill a hole at an angle and put a small $" x 6" flag in it. This will be more personalized.


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                  While looking around at the local dollar store, I found votive style candles available for saale for $1.

                  I used Word and a color printer at the local library to make up a customized label for the candle glass, which I then glued in place.


                  "Extra Mile Award"

                  Aquila District

                  Chief Seattle Council

                  Boy Scouts of America

                  Jon Doe

                  "Thank You For Helping To Keep The Light Of Scout Lit"

                  That seems to have met with a favorable response at our district awards committee meeting and District Committee Meeting.


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                    Make it personal and useful.

                    I love coffee, but I hardly ever go to Starbucks. Too expensive. The committee got me a $15 Starbucks gift card and I was elated with the prospect of extravagance.

                    On the other hand, I have no idea where I put my district award plaque........


                    • King Ding Dong
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                      So how was your $15 cup of coffee?

                    • Polaris
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                      A group of us stopped by Starbucks on the way to University of Scouting. Yep. We depleted the card in no time!

                    • King Ding Dong
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                      My wife calls it Fourbucks.

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                    If I'm recognizing new Den Leaders, I present them with den leader position patches for their uniform. This is not much but they appreciate the fact that they do not have to go buy one. Hiking staffs make good appreciation gifts and you can add scout emblems to them if you wish.

                    I generally avoid plaques and certificates unless it's for a long-term leader that is leaving. If we do plaque, we also include a gift.


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                      Do a certificate?

                      Get a frame from the Dollar Tree for $1
                      and customize/print your certificate for your leaders here:

                      Can write whatever you want on them. Only costs $1 for the frame + 1 printed piece of paper.


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                        For a Den Leader, try this: get a keychain ring or one of those climbing/release-hooks. Have each boy in the den decorate a thin leather strip, attach them to the ring. Then the leader can attach this to a backpack or something, and maybe the boys will see it at campouts as they get older.