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When exactly can a scout earn his rank badge?

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    Based on the converstaions since my last post: Yes, the boy may earn his whole rank at any time after the start of the scouting year. Again, I ask "whats the rush?" Don't mis-understand... my son was looking to be done by Halloween...but I managed to distract him with a couple of new belt loops. Than we had the Holidays...a typically busy season, even for a scout pack. By the time we broke into January, he was chomping at the bit to finish. It kept his drive up, and he never lost his eye on the price.
    We do however hold the 'rank' patches until one of our quartertly Pack meetings. It allows for a more formal presenation and to me, just seems more appropriate.
    The Scout does recieve his beads anyone who knows Cub Scouting knows... he's done, just not wearing the badge.

    I've heard lots of complaints on the Intermediate Badge Tracker (bead holder) First think I do is shave off some plastc around the button hole to help it go on-off easier. Next, replace the plastic strings with some leather from local hobbby shop. It's cheap. Next, when you add a bead, drop the bead on the string, then bring the string back down and through, creating a full loop around the bead. This prevents the beads from slipping off, and has worked very well for my Pack.

    Hope these helps.


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      This thread almost sounds like I started it.
      As an ADL and this year an ACM, I had/have the same questions. I have retained my role as ADL just trying to help the den and the new DL that just stepped up a few months ago to replace someone who moved away.....

      I have been tasked with keeping up with achievement progress and the beads.....
      Personally, I dislike them. They don't look good on the uniform, the boys don't really get all that excited over them. I can't really tell that they are a motivator in any way.
      Honestly, i think I'll let them die a natural death and just not bring them up next year.

      I think the root of our pack's problem and the beads, as well as the rank patches, arrows, etc.... is that uniform wear is sporadic.
      The pack has traditionaly used the uniform "class" mantra. "Class A" for pack meeting, "Class B" for Den meetings and everything else..... so the only time any of this gets displayed is at pack meetings only a few times trhough the year.
      I have been working with my son's DL and we have made some progress getting the unifrm worn at meetings. As someone suggested above, I have been trying to "Walk Easy" with the change.

      I do think the rank patches, arrows, and other patches and belt loops should be worn and displayed, so that's my motivation for trying to suggest uniform wear.
      Actually, I'm of the opinion that the rank patches should be handed out at den meetings since they happen more frequently. We had on scout in our den this year that earned his Wolf months ago.... way ahead of teh other boys.

      We normally do the rank and award hand outs at pack meetings, but this scout missed a few pack evenst and meetings. B&G has become nothing but a ceremony for teh WEBLOS 2 cross over (that's another story all together), so we couldn't award him his rank then. We finally got it to him at the derby a couple weeks ago. Way too long of a wait!


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        We are one of those wait until B&G packs. this was my 2nd full year as CM and at the beginning of this year, I tried to change this. I waited until the two ladies, who essentially ran our pack moved up to Boy Scouts. I was shot down cold by the rest of the committee. tradition and all. oh well. Sunday was our B&G. my son is crossing over tomorrow. I'm out! it's my replacements head ache now.


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          ^^^ I Dont think that its going to go over well in my pack either. It may not be worth the effort. What I will make sure of though is that if the scout have finished the achievements for his rank badge he will be allowed to start earning and wearing arrow points, even if the actual badge isnt handed out till B&G.

          My main and first focus will to be to change the program so that everything done during the summer counts towards that new program year. I have the information here, and then had it verified by an email to, so they have no excuse to not accept this fact and adopt it.

          Baby steps...


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            We don't so much as "wait until B+G" as "wait until the year is over". I've tried pushing advancement for the Webelos in my den, but it ends up that the only awards handed out are the ones from my Den (or from activities I've led, like an all-Pack Winter Hike).


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              we are one of those Rank at B&G Packs. I have been CM for about 2 years now, at the beginning of this program year, after The Lady's that Ruled The Pack crossed over with their sons, I tried to change this. Shot down cold by the committee. My son crosses over today. not my head ache anymore. maybe my replacement can change things?


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                Allow me to split hairs here: Scouts earn their rank badges on the day they complete the final requirement for the badge. They should be recognized and presented the badge at the next regular Pack meeting. Prompt recognition is important for the Scouts. That said, we only have one AoL ceremony a year because the local lodge's OA team is not available on a regular basis.

                Progress beads should be presented at Den meetings. Just because some of the Den Leaders don't present them, there is nothing stopping you from using them in your Den.


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                  I'm sorry for Hijacking this thread, but i can't figure out how to start a new thread or a spin off thread in this new system..... If an administrator wants to move this, feel free!

                  Tagging on to this subject when to present rank patches, I've started wondering how packs actually present their awards.
                  I recently read a power point like presentation outline I found online..... looked like it was used for a University of Scouting presentation. The author suggested when it comes to awards, "don't be a baggie pack". That's exactly what we are.....
                  Each Den Leader will get up there with a bunch of baggies, each with a name on it...
                  "Billy, come on up! Billy earned his Bear. Also, he has earned his Volley ball loop, map and compass loop, soccer loop, and astronomy pin." Then he hand over the baggie full of goodies to the boy.
                  How do you do it in your packs?
                  Our pack ranges from approx 32-40 cub scouts, so it would take too long to do some sort of pin on ceremony for each award.....
                  But I woudl love some ideas to make it more fun!


                  • Basementdweller
                    Basementdweller commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Why you do a ceremony for the rank advancment......The boys love the painted faces one.

                    Far as baggies, it is an adult thing.....We call them up in groups......Hey we went hiking and the following scouts earned the hiking belt loop would 1,2,3,4,5,6 come on up.

                    Hey we played kickball, would 1,2,3,4,5,,6,7 come on up. You all earned the kick ball belt loop

                    Sure it is more work but it also makes an impression on the boys, hey I only got called up twice john got called 8 times.....

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                  As mentioned, anytime after June 1 they can work on the next rank IF they are not still working on the previous rank. Some do that, most don't.

                  I suggest not rushing things as if they do things too quickly, the get bored really fast. I've had a pack complain about my CSDC program because we did a lot of advancement work my first year, and they said the Cubs got bored at the den meetings. Got a better balance the 2nd year and I hope to improve this year.

                  That said, there are some things that Cubs love. My son has made 3 tool boxes in Cubs: day camp, Bear den meeting, and Webelos den meeting. While you think he would be bored, he loved doing them because each time he got better and better.


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                    Do what you think is best for your pack. We don't award them until B&G and then each meeting thereafter. I've even had a couple of instances where the boys didn't earn their rank until mid summer. I know that's not exactly kosher but I didn't think it was right to hold the boys back because their parents kept putting off helping them with the few things they needed to in order for their son to earn the rank.

                    We work on arrow points throughout the year and award them at pack meetings after they have earned their rank.