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Resources for running a mixed cub meeting

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  • Resources for running a mixed cub meeting

    I am helping out with getting a new pack in our area started. Its small, so they will be running the Tigers/Wolves/Bears all together in one meeting and the Webelos will have their own meetings.

    I know there are meeting plans out there for Tiger, Wolf and Bear den meetings, but are there any guides as to which activities go together well to do in a joint meeting of all 3? Like several things the kids could do together that would count for their rank badge and then separate them to do the more specific things? I can read the 3 books and put activities together, but I was hoping someone already invented the wheel.
    Thanks for any help.

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    A few days ago I encountered a BSA website with detailed meeting plans for den meetings for combined Tiger Cub, Wold and Bear dens.

    Unfortunately, I didn't bookmark it and I haven't been able to Google it up for you.

    But it's out there someplace. Perhaps someone will be able to provide a reference.(This message has been edited by seattlepioneer)


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      It's the "year A" and "year b" plans. Here's the a:


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        Yeah there is a lot of overlap, but you do need to be careful and make sure they all don't do the exact same thing, or next year the Tigers will balk with "I already did that" or more likely you'll hear their parents talking about it.


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          Thank you Brewmeister and Seattle, that seems to be what I want to read and give to the new lucky Den Leader

          And yes 5yearscouter, this pack is brand new and the den leader is brand new, so I am trying to give her all the resources possible along with my own support and help. The hope is that next year they will be able to recruit more boys to make single tiger/wolf/bear/webelo dens. They are recruiting from a decent sized school, but they didnt start the recruitment process until earlier this month.

          Yes, the things I get myself involved with outside my own pack

          (This message has been edited by jc2008)


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            I am doing the same thing. 8 Bears, 3 Wolves, and 2 Tigers. Like you I just go through the books and match things up as appropriate.
            good luck,