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Popcorn oops of the year... HELP!

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    BadenP is right. The value just isn't there for popcorn. To borrow a line, popcorn costs 5 dollars a silo. Selling little bags or bins for 10 dollars and upward just doesn't resonate with many folks.


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      We also have very few units that sell popcorn at stores in our town. We just finished a second set of show and sells last weekend and have another set scheduled for beginning of november, a week before our final order date. And I was surprised that the kids seemed to make just as much money selling at this time of year as they did when we got our first order of popcorn back in september. So our market is far from saturated with popcorn sales.

      I didn't see anyone being rude to our kids, luckily. But I did have one lady come up to me and start this weird conversation about BSA letting in people who didnt believei n god or crossdressers. She seemed to be very religious and somehow had the idea that gays were an approved part of BSA. It was a very odd conversation, but she had it with me, not with the kids. Just smile and nod to strange people with strange ideas and pray that they leave soon as not to cause some weird scene in front of the store/kids.

      One thing we REALLY pushed with the adults supervising the sale was for them to mention the 70% goes back to local scouting line. When a person seemed to waver over the prices that line usually brought them over to buy something or donate. We got a lot of donations, and if you look at a 2-3$ donation, that is like selling 1 $10 can of popcorn in terms of money back to the pack.

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