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Popcorn oops of the year... HELP!

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    It seems to me that everyone is going to lose out because of this. If i was the manager/owner of that store I would not want anyone at all to sell popcorn there ever again because of that type of scene in front of my customers. Especialyl if somehow HE becomes the moderator in this dispute which should be taken care of internally in your district/council.

    We can go sell our popcorn the moment we pick it up.(This message has been edited by jc2008)(This message has been edited by jc2008)


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      I would imagine that this council has had problems in the past, therefore the "embargo".


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        I'm with Frank's earlier post that you contact the COR or IH regarding this bozo. Would seem to have anger management issues. His un-Scoutlike and disproportionate response was out of line.

        We've had similar conflicts where multiple packs sign up for the same location, usually due to store managers and their assistants over promising. Fortunately, we were able to handle it like Scouts. One of the problems I have with this, however, is the lack of involvement and guidance by the district. Here, anyway, the district absolutely refused to get involved with trying to solve such issues. Their thinking is they would rather have units selling aggressively and bumping into each other than putting forth any sort of effort to manage sales locations. Heaven forbid it may mean they sell $1 less popcorn.

        But the cost they don't see is the cost when one Scout or family is pushed out of a location or even has to share space. Even when we've resolved the problems amicably pack-to-pack, I've still had parent ticked off and Scouts disappointed with the outcome who refuse to sell popcorn.


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          Regardless of the outcome, one can tell from the situation and the resulting fallout, that it might not be a bad idea that when you buy from any scout in front of any store, you march right in, find the manager/owner and thank them for having the scouts out front! I've been doing it for years. I don't know if it makes a difference, but it makes me feel good. Of course if the scout is in proper uniform (boy or girl either one) they are guaranteed a sale even if it's overpriced popcorn or cookies.

          HOWEVER, NEVER, NEVER NEVER, if you live on a street where no girl scouts come around to sell cookies, do you call up the GS office and announce that any Girl Scout selling cookies in their uniform will be guaranteed a sale, then give them your name and address. Did the girls show up? No, but the police did.



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            Sorry, it's been a busy week. So I went Saturday morning with my kid even though I wasn't scheduled to help out a new parent I didn't want there alone in case they showed up. Good thing I did, about an hour after we arrived so did they. I pulled them aside away from the cubs and explained to them that we had permission to be there and showed them the business card of the HR manager we had dealt with. They said they didn't care, had been granted permission last night to be there too and marched inside, I followed them explaining that making a stink to the management would only make it so that NONE of us could sell there. They didn't care, they restated that I was a liar and a cheater and that my kids were liars and cheaters. So of course I stood back as they made their stink and the manager on duty went and got the HR lady. She looked right at them and said, "I gave her group (mine) permission to be here" apparently the manager that had given them permission the night before didn't have the athourity to tell them they could sell there. She said it was my decision to let them stay at one door and us at another or make them leave. I told the HR lady that every kid deserved to sell popcorn and that our group would be more than willing to share.
            We lost sales, we were at the exit door, them at the entrance. We saw ALOT of popcorn go by on people's way out. But I really did believe that they deserved to be there, just like I, the manager made a mistake and the cubs didn't need to be punished.
            Overall the weekend was a success, cubs sold at their churches on Sunday which is where most of the sales came from, we did a bonus weekend selling prize (reach into the spooky pumpkin and pull a prize, little dollar store stuff) at our meeting on Monday to get the kids pepped back up.
            I called the local council but haven't heard a word in response, I will keep everyone's thoughts in mind when troops start coming around to recruit to let that troop know none of my webelos will be going to them and why.
            Thanks for everyone's support


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              High road. Good for you.

              I'd send a nice letter to the HR manager thanking them for their support of Scouting and apologizing for the other leader's behavior. Copy that unit's COR.


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                As a fellow Scouter, thank you for upholding the values of Scouting in the face of, well, an idiot.

                We had a circumstance happen like that a few years ago, except our pack was the one that had permission that turned out to be invalid and the troop that day had the proper permissions. There were a lot of confused faces for a moment and then the SM and I walked off to the side to figure it out like adults. Once we realized they were the ones who should rightfully be there, we said no problem, we would go and find another place. The SM then told us to set up at one of the doors and we can share the business until we got something lined up. We made a few bucks, found an alternate locale and it turns out both units had a great day of sales. Our new place did even better than the place we originally wanted.

                As far as this situation goes, I have been the District Popcorn Chair for five years now. Easy gig for 361 days out of the year. The situation described is exactly where I would be sticking my nose into and telling the SM he needs to get over himself and behave according to the Oath and Law his Scouts recite at every meeting. Afterward I'm sure I will hear about how he knows so and so, has sold millions in popcorn for council and he will never sell again. At that point it's a win-win for me because he is either blowing smoke and sells again next year or I have one less headache to deal with.

                BS-87, I like your possible scenario as far as how the initial conflict took place. Here is a guy who, in a somewhat Scouting environment is the only Scouter there and he is trying to exercise some authority to people who could care less about his title. It's funny when reality strikes some people in the head. What we do is important work in the lives of young men. But just because you are a Good Ol whatever from class such and such means you have about as much authority to tell an adult you don't know what to do as an end table. He's lucky he didn't try that with some Scout parents I've known over the years. He could have wound up with a black eye and a story to tell.

                And the moral of the story about our mix-up? I was a Tiger leader that year. Five years later four of my Webelos ended up crossing over into his troop instead of the troop of our CO. Sow your seeds wisely.


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                  So, they showed up, and out loud called you a "liar and cheater," and called your cubs the same?


                  You can call council all day long, but they WILL NOT, i repeat, WILL NOT get involved in inter-unit disputes. If your phone ain't ringin', it's council.

                  You handled the matter professionally, but as for that Scoutmaster's UNprofessional behavior, a call AND a written letter (certified, and NO E-MAILS) to his IH and COR are not only warranted, but MANDATORY in my opinion. As a COR, I would take IMMEDIATE action if something like this was brought to my attention. It is people like this that give all of Scouting a "black eye".

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                    Yeah, time was calling someone a liar and a cheat would get you a butt whoopin'. Or shot. I guess some neighborhoods it will still get you shot.


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                      I just found this thread.. and all I can say is WOW!

                      I'd like to say you handled the situation much better than I probably would have, and I can only hope if I'm ever confronted in such a way, I will be able to maintain such a positive attitude when confronted with such a difficult situation.


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                        K1986 Your a great example to live by. You showed what real Scouting is all about this the Store and it's Management. They will remember you. Glad your in Scouting!


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                          After a couple of years of being in Boyscouts and many as a parent of a cub scout... I have made the personal decision that if it were not for idiots like the SM you are talking about... scouting would be a much more awesome organization... I have ran into far to many idiots like that in my time... their more interested in their opinion that what is right or wrong... and it is usually if not always the scouts that suffer...(This message has been edited by sthumper)


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                            Completely unbelievable.

                            I'm so glad we don't sell.


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                                I have not seen any scouts selling popcorn outside of stores in our area for almost five years now. Then just the other day at my local grocery store there was a small group of young boy scouts selling very enthusiastically and giving out samples. Many people treated them rudely, one guy even pushed the scout away from his cart insulting him at the same time. It was sad to watch these kids take this kind of crap for no reason. The same kid who was pushed aside came up to me as I came out of the store, gave me his sales pitch and a sample with a big smile on his face. I was so impressed by his determination I bought a box.

                                I still feel that the BSA needs to find a better value and price product to sell than popcorn. People are willing to drop a five down for cookies because they see it as a nominal donation for a good cause, but $20, $30, or $40 is just too much to ask of people.