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    Lisa, as you imply, I think that the 'awareness' factor is important. That's why I'm going to make sure everyone in the CO knows about the policy. The only other time I've noticed anything like the OP was back when I was CM. I had three families leave after a DE went on a rant about the policy at the B&G, this was right after Dale. The ones I spoke to after they quit said they were disgusted with the DE and with BSA. But we haven't asked any questions about why people leave since and people don't necessarily come to you with their reasons.


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      None to my knowledge have left b/c of the policy. Reasons I've been told are the following:

      Only joined to get the Round Up joining prize (that's one expensive Hot Wheels car for the past few years)
      Pack doesn't camp enough for us.

      I have had several families say they would quit if BSA changed the decision.

      Now when Scouting for All was protesting outside of a council office I worked at shortly after Dale v. BSA, the council actually got calls from folks to find out where packs were located. Folks didn't know the policy and/or BSA won the Dale decision and wanted their kids in the program.

      Finally when it was announced that SCOTUS was going to hear the Dale case, we had one CO decide they no longer wanted the pack, and would not start the troop that was in the process of forming, despite my talks with them about how they have the final decision on who is a leader in their unit even if BSA lost Dale, which they believed would happen. They said it didn't matter about their leaders, what about other units' leaders at multi-unit functions.


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          Hasn't been an issue in my pack or troop. In the pack, losing 1 or 2 cubs yearly is normal, and for a variety of reasons. We generally show positive growth after recruitment.


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            From my experience, you never really know why folks quit. You hear lots of "logical" reasons but you never know the real reason.

            Here's a thought - if you have a fun and engaging program, folks tend to not quit. All the "reasons" then don't seem to matter much.


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              8 out of a hundred? I'd say that's less than normal attrition.


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                We've had one family which specifically dropped out due this summer's policy issue. They were nice about it too; they came to me as Cubmaster and explained their decision. They also wanted to let me know it had nothing to do with me and the Pack and that they really enjoyed their time in Scouts.

                I have another family who's Mom was a Leader who dropped off the face of the earth in May. I've left several messages and posts on her Facebook page. In May her Facebook status went to "In a relationship" and this summer she became "Engaged." It's a same sex relationship.

                Now this first situation was very amicable. We see each other at school and sport events. The second situation really bothered me because when she was a single mother I went out of my way to accomodate her. We changed out calendar so she and her son could attend events and everyone even paid their way a couple times. I know she probably dropped out of Scouts because she came out of the closet, but geez, call me at least! Over the summer my many messages simply asked for a yes or no answer on whether or not she was still in the Pack. Not a word.

                I seem to have ranted a bit


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                  Since the homophobic (albeit incorrect) attitude is that only homosexual men have sex with boys, I would think a homosexual woman would be the perfect adult leader for Boy Scouts, since there are no girls.

                  Just sayin.


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                    WasE61: I believe it is presented as a morality issue, So no she wouldn't. But who of us is morally pure.

                    Yours In Cheerful Service,


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                      To answer the original question, I've had one family (son and leader) who quit over the national membership policy. Nobody else has brought it up.

                      But we've added about 20 boys to the pack. Its hard to judge if we would have added 15 or 30 otherwise. My bet is no real difference.


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                        "Hey folks, have you been seeing families dropping out due to National's reaffirmation of their membership standards? We've heard from about 8% of our families that said they weren't returning because of it..."

                        I'm not aware of families leaving for this reason. The biggest reasons given to our Pack are scheduling conflicts with other activities. We had a strong response to our recent recruiting and we are expecting to sign-up many new scouts. In short, the re-affirmation of membership standards has had no noticeable effect in the area I live.


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                          Hi folks, sorry for the delay in responding, I have been busy with work.

                          For more background info I am based in New England, folks here tend to be more liberal than other parts of the country, hence why it may be a bigger issue up here.

                          And no, I do not hope for the demise of Scouting as SeattlePioneer states, Sorry to burst your bubble.

                          Basement I am definitely not trolling, sorry for the lack of diversity in my post, I will post more about how horrible my council and district committee are.


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                            "I will post more about how horrible my council and district committee are."

                            You're gonna fit right in here


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                              In a Pack of 120 4 families who dropped out stated this as a reason.

                              In a Troop of 80, 1 family.

                              Far more families are dropping out due to time conflicts with soccer, band practice, rowing, and lacrosse (in that order).


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                                We haven't had any families leave because of the homosexual issue (at least not that have said as much), but we have lost several due to the economy. We try to work with them as much as we can, but it doesn't seem to be enough.