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Question about Webelos and Belt Loops

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  • Question about Webelos and Belt Loops

    I have a question about the policy for Webelos achievements and how they relate to belt loops. The program was changed sometime in 2004-2005 to state that Webelos scouts should earn certain belt loops as part of their Webelos advancements. It was also stated that the belt loops should be earned while a Webelos (that belt loops earned as a bear would not count - they would need to be completed again).

    The place where it's a little unclear is if a Bear scout partially earned one of these belt loops - do the partial achievements count towards the Webelos belt loop requirement, or must the scout start completely over?

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    I believe you need to work each advancement on its own rank. If it says earn as a Webelos, then Nothing from Bear is counted.


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      That would be my interpretation as well. A little review couldn't hurt...

      If you wanted to get technical, though, the belt loop is not earned until ALL the requirements are completed.(This message has been edited by jonathanrbaker)


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        Nothing from prior years is counted including "partials." The requirement says that the belt loop must be earned as a Webelo. If he earned it earlier as a Tiger, Wolf, or Bear, he has to do it again.

        Belt Loop requirements are fairly easy and you have an opportunity to do the requirements with the more advanced Webelos age group.


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          Thanks everybody for your feedback. That makes a lot of sense.


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            As a Web den leader I pushed the boys to look at the pin requirements.

            If you are on the swim team as a forth grader and earn yet again the swimming belt loop -- what challenge is that? However, if you are that spacially challenged non-athletic boy who trys soccer and earns his beltloop that is a differnt ball of wax.

            -- AK