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Pocket knives for cub scouts

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    Originally posted by blw2 View Post
    I just ordered a round tipped knife for my son. I wanted to have a look at it as I consider if I want to suggest that we buy one for our Bear's this year.
    Ordered this morning approx. 11:30AM with laser engraved handle with my son's name
    Just before 4PM I received an email with my tracking number. It shipped already!
    Wow, I'm shocked at the fast response!
    I'll let you know when I've had a look at it.....
    I ordered two of the #7 carbon steel ones last Friday afternoon, one for my boy(9) and one for me, we got them yesterday. Have to say I like them a lot for boys, the ring lock allows him to have some safety without me worrying about him cutting his finger messing with the lock to close the knife.


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      I received the knife in the mail Friday.
      I'm very pleased with it.
      The knife fits my son's hands perfectly. I think the rounded tip will be good for a first knife.
      Quality is better than I would expect for $13 for sure.
      The locking mechanism seems secure in both the opened and closed positions.
      Only drawback is the blade is very tight and my son can't open and close it. Since it's not a metal frame and the blade hinge point is in the wood, I'm fairly certain it will loosen with use.
      My only concern is for the possibility that it might loosen too much to the point of being dangerous...... and if it loosens too much, will the locking mechanism also loosen. I guess time will tell.
      I had his name engraved in the handle. It's very nicely done.
      Anyway, for now, I recommend it.

      I think I'll order the larger carbon steel version for me.
      Thanks Eagle92!


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        I asked my sister-in-law before hand.... got our nephew his first pocket knife and sharpening stone for christmas. I sat down with him after all the presents were opened and worked with him on his whittling chip. only cut himself once and it was a tiny cut but considering how many times he cut and practices sharpening and opening and closing he did a very good job. And yep I became his favorite Aunt LOL although I might have been that already since every holiday he has some scout relate project he is struggling with and wants me to help him with. Thanksgiving it was survival bracelets, the Easter before that it was square knots. And right now I think he can't wait for my son to get going on his eagle project so he can come and help with it and maybe even get a role in the ceremony.


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          No problem.

          I used WD-40 to loosen the blade up. That and use.

          Opinel does make a WOSM version of the knives


          • blw2
            blw2 commented
            Editing a comment
            I've emailed their USA people to see if they are available here.

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          Great thread. I had forgotten all about Opinel Knives. I really like the idea of an inexpensive, safe, yet well made pocket knife for my Bear cub when he earns his whittlin' chip this fall - like the opinel #7. My biggest concern is him loosing it, and at around $10 from amazon it's not too painful. I will get him something nicer like victorinox or Buck knife when he demonstrates safe use & and the ability not to loose it. I would say my only "minor" quibble with the knife is lack of a lanyard hole - but we'll probably make a leather sheath anyways.


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            I like my Opinel better than my Gerber Gator.

            My link is to the carbon steel. Thy these for the stainless ones with lanyard


            This one looks "wicked awesome" as my Webelos said. While I have not used the knife, nor heard of "12C27 sandvik stainless Steel" before, doing a quick search, it comes recommended.


            EDITED: Apparently Opinel uses 12c27 sandvik steel for all their stainless knives.

            Edit 2: should read "...quick search a quick search on 12c27 sandvik stainless steel, 12C27 Sandvik, comes recommended.

            Also my Gator stays in the car, the Opinel is used, ALOT.
            Last edited by Eagle92; 07-25-2013, 01:28 PM. Reason: EDIT 2: Clarification on steel