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  •, andyone here using it?
    Anyone using it?
    I searched and only found one posted question with one posted answer....

    Instead of refreshing that thread, I thought I'd start a new one with the specific subject in the title.

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    Never heard of it.

    We used to use PackMaster and it was okay, but then they went from a download from disk to your computer to being an online program. Glitches, issues, problems aplenty!

    We decided to scrap a $100.00 a year program that didn't work over 80% of the time and started using traxx instead. Dens use tiger traxx , wolftraxx, beartraxx, etc...

    They print out advancement and give it to our advancement/awards chair who in turn puts it on scoutnet. He sends it to the scout shop and national at the same time.

    Haven't had a problem since.

    Matter of fact, we also are about to scrap PackLedger too. That costs us $100.00 a year also and it's complicated as hell. Our newest treasuere is a CPA and is grteat! But gets lost looking at PackLedger too. Said it was over complicated and that it makes you go around your elbow just to your backside. Takes her 1/4th of the time to use some office or excell spreadsheets instead of
    doing the same thing on PackLedger.


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      I looked at that program last year. I didn't understand why it uses the position of 'Pack Commissioner' instead of 'Committee Chair.' There were some other idiosyncrasies like that when I dove deeper into the program during a free trial.


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        I didn't understand why it uses the position of 'Pack Commissioner' instead of 'Committee Chair.'

        I'm not entirely sure but I believe that is a very old term for what became Committee Chair. The reason I say this is that our old committee chair, who had been with the pack for decades, was wearing a "unit commissioner" patch on the uniform because that was what the CC thought their position was. Needless to say that caused a little confusion.


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          Our Advancement Chair just stepped down. We do not have someone to fill his shoes as of yet and I am left with the task of taking it over until we can find a replacement. I do not know if he used any type of tracking system or if he just relied on emails from DLs. I am looking for a FREE, easy to use tracking system of awards, belt loops, and pins. Any help is much appreciated. I am the new CM and honestly have no clue. lol


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            Well, you could try asking the guy what he used, if anything. Our old Advancement Chair just shopped, and never tracked, expecting Den Leaders to handle the tracking.

            I just use a spreadsheet. Its crude, and I have to add a new column whenever we add a new scout, but so far has saved me buying four belt loops that would have been awarded twice (hooray?), and has given me a list of scouts that I can bring to Den Leaders at the end of the year, wondering if they finished their ranks. We had an "incident" in the past where a scout wasn't awarded a rank, and the Den Leader had left.