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Webelos hike activity ideas

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  • Webelos hike activity ideas

    We are taking two dens of webelos on a "hike out"--basically a 3 or so mile hike followed by fire building, cooking, etc.

    Looking for activity ideas to do while on the hike, ideally that tie into a badge or two. Forester requires some identification of trees and plants...we don't have any really compelling ideas at the moment.

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    Hows about just having fun with your buddys???? every second does not need to be planned.

    Just let them be boys you already have a couple of things planned and that should be enough.

    Is there cool things to look at? Do? Critters? Amphibians? How about native american ruins or mound????

    Let the id stuff be prepared with books, it is ok if you don't know the answers.....I have done this with my webs....some really enjoy it, others just want to run and play....


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      What we did was somewhere in between what you want and what beasement said.

      WE had our hike. We started out talkinmg about...whatever. That slowly turned into telling jokes. Which soon became seeing who could answer riddl;es.

      After a while, it became a scout knowledge triva contest.

      Wasn't planned, wasn'r thought out..just happened. Things like knowing the scout oath, motto, slogan, parts of the badge.

      Talked about all kinds of stuff in a very casual way. Along the way, we'd spot some small vines, plants and ( for loss of correct word) baby trees.

      I'd ask: "Is that poison ivy?" Whatever answer they would give me, I'd ask why.

      So, we went over stuff, but we did it in a non testing way. We didn't have aspecific agenda either. Just whatever came up as ity came up.


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        I have found it is better to have something planned and not use it because the boys are having fun just winging it, than to decide to just wing it and wish you had a plan because they are not.

        It's not about "planning every second," it's about being prepared.


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          baby trees = saplings


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            Yep I'm in the "rather have too much to do than not enough" catagory. I know I had so much planned for CSDC that we sent home projects for them to work on at the end of camp.

            How about a scavenger hunt?

            How about a compass course hike/ treasure hunt (I've found cold drinks and a snack that doesn't melt at the end helps).

            How about a site seeing hike.

            How about a historic trails hike (I love those but that's me).

            How about a Ready Man hike. They stop at different station and do rerady man activities.


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              Let me give you the full details of what the DL and I have planned.

              The two dens will meet in the parking lot of a large nature area that has miles of trails. It just so happens that the DL lives near this area.

              The dens will be provided a map of the area, and a general "X marks the spot" where there is a cutoff trail to the DL's house. They have their compasses.

              Each den will also have a GPSr unit to use because there are several geocaches on the trails.

              The dens will go off on different trail systems, with the objective of finding the cutoff trail and rendezvouing at the DL's house, where we'll have a cookout and campfire.

              Anyhoo, we thought we might have another badge-related activity in there for the hike portion. On the other hand, we've seen the boys happily spend an entire afternoon at camp turning a woodpile into a zombie defense fort.

              So it may not be needed but I was looking for another idea to have in my back pocket. Thanks.


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                Poop hunt!


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                  My boys love the scat hunt.......Coyote, deer, rabbit, owl, raccoon

                  Last trip we found a pile of coyote that had a flea collar from a cat in it......they are still talking about that.


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                    Poop hunt! That is awesome! On the list it goes...


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                      we have done scavenger hunts with hidden things and natural things. We've done compass treasure hunts. Each marker had a letter and they have to go to each marker to figure out what it says.


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                        Yeah, I wanted to say saplings, but was thinking that saplings were pine trees only.

                        Seedlings sounds mjore like a garden plant, so I juust went with baby trees.