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  • Career Arrows

    Are the career arrows only to be awarded to those Cub Scouts who have earned the Arrow of Light? Or can any Cub Scout receive them? I have a group of 9 Webelos 2s, one of which did not complete the AoL requirements. He does intend to cross over to Boy Scouts, and has completed everything else up to the AoL. I'd hate for him not to receive an arrow. The past two Webelos 2 leaders in our pack did not have this issue, as all their kids received the AoL and all received a career arrow.
    Thanks for any advice.

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    Career Arrows are a local Pack sort of thing, so it is up to the Pack leadership to decide. No national standards or practices

    But the name Career Arrow, in my mind, means exactly that. He is leaving cubs and should be given the Career arrow irregardless of AOL completion if that is the Packs standard practice. just my opinion....

    Remember this is no a required award, a local extra award.


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      It's a local thing with no real national standards. Personally, I believe it kinda symbolizes the Arrow of Light, so we only award it to the ones that earned AoL.

      However, different packs have different practices.


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        If you don't mind me asking, what's standing in his way of completing the AoL? That seems a little odd, especially since he's planning to join Boy Scouts.


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          The things standing in his way of completing the AoL are the completion of several requirements, including the required badges. Which also makes me wonder about his future commitment to Boy Scouts.

          I've emailed his parents about extending the time for accomplishing the requirements, so we'll see if they are interested. I keep reminding myself that I can't care about it more than they do. :-(


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            We had this debate a couple of years ago in our Pack.....It was the committee members who son's earned the AOL vs. the boys who did not. Not it was only 3 boys.......but it was the point..

            I told them if they wanted to change what it was called and add it to the AOL presentation that is fine. We present our Arrows at the Cross over ceremony.....The boys who are not crossing over are called up and are part of that ceremony then return to their seats.....the boys who are joining the troop cross the bridge and are greeted by the troop.


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              I am guessing you will be crossing the webelos 2 very soon??????? He does not have to cross with the other boys and can remain a webelos 2 and finish his AOL.... The second thing is if he does not have the AOL he must be 11 to join the troop.


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                We will be crossing over in about a month. I did offer to the parents that the boy could cross over at a later time than his den, and thus have more time to earn the AoL. I haven't yet heard back from them, which makes me think I *do* care more about it than they do. It is strange, though, because up until now this kid has been a good member of the den. I believe it is more on the parents, because what can the kid do if they don't bring him to meetings or camp outs? He also goes to a different school than the rest of the den, so he doesn't even see the other boys except at Cub Scouts.

                Thanks to everyone who replied. I'm going to proceed as we've always done in our Pack, and award the career arrows to those who have completed the AoL.