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Tiger Cub age question

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  • Tiger Cub age question

    I know this should be straight forward, but I could use some feedback. We have a prospective Tiger Cub who is age 6 but was held back to repeat kindergarten. I know the Tiger requirements are age 7 or completed kindergarten. All his friends are going into first grade and becoming new Tigers. (For example, my son is actually a month younger than this boy, but qualifies as a Tiger since he completed kindergarten). My guess is the poor kid has to wait, but I just wanted to see what the great minds here thought.

    Now, I know in later grades if the boy is held back he still advances with the other boys. For example, an 7 yr old Wolf held back to repeat second grade would still advance up with the other boys to Bear. Does this go for kindergarten, too? He went to kindergarten, then was held back. Is this situation any different than an older boy who was held back? He isn't being held back for academic reasons, but for a mild handicap that the parents and school have decided can be better addressed by repeating the half-day kindergarten year.

    On a completely different note, is national aware that the ages don't line up with the grades? Everywhere I have lived, most 1rst graders are 6 years old, and turn seven at some point during the school year. They aren't 7 when they become a Tiger. Heck, a few with late summer birthdays don't turn 7 until after they have graduated to Wolf!

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    We've had this issue come up here before. The general consensus is that BSA "law" it can go either way. It is really the parents decision of what would be best for the boy.


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      I just dug up my Tiger handbook..I think I was wrong in my answer.

      Here's what the handbook says: "Tiger Cubs - a program of exciting indoor and outdoor activities just right for a boy who is in 1st grade and/or is 7 years old"

      So yeah..that's trickier. But, I still think it would be up for the parents to decide. However, think this: if everyone decided he wasn't quite ready for 1st grade (for WHATEVER reason), then it might be that he probably isn't quite ready for scouts either. But that is just something to consider, I don't know the boy, I don't know the parents, I don't know your pack. And the reality is, he will make friends this year that will move on next year to Tigers too.

      I have a little experience with this. My son has a summer birthday and I decided in preschool that he would do pre-k twice. So he is older than a lot of his peers. It has worked out just fine and I haven't really regretted my decision.


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        Yeah, that's the rub, for Tigers it doesn't appear there is the parent leeway as there is in later ranks. This child has a winter birthday, so he'll turn 7 three months into the start of program year, and could probably join then. Not too big a deal, but I'd hate for him to feel like he has to catch up with the boys who started out the year. Maturity-wise, the parents think he's ready (I concur with their choice. I know the boy fairly well). He isn't being held back for behavioral/academic reasons, not that it matters when you follow the letter of the membership requirements.


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          keep him with his is going to be in the room with him, mature or not.


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            keep him with his is going to be in the room with him, mature or not.



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              He will be making new friends this year in Kindergarten who will be staying with him as he progresses. I would recommend that he wait and join with his current grade buddies in June.