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Whittling chip awards ceremony?

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  • Whittling chip awards ceremony?

    Hello All,
    I would like to add a simple whittling chip awards ceremony to our pack meeting, but I'm having no luck finding one. I can't possibly be the only one interested in some sort of awards ceremony so I was hoping you could help. Can anyone point me to a fairly simple whittling chip awards ceremony? I want fairly simple because we will probably do it more than once since our scouts complete the reqs at different times. But I want something more special than just handing it out with the normal belt loops.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    I don't know of any whittling chip ceremonies, but could you have the CM talk of how important it is to learn knife safety and carving. And explain how the card is a type of "driver's license" for carrying a knife to cub scouts. And then mention have the parent give the card to the scout. Basically saying that this is a privlidge not just a right to carry it. I am kind of basing this on the lecture we got from the judge when I was young and got my driver's license. I still remember it.


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      At a pack meeting, we had the boys and a parent come up. The boys took the pledge on the card in front of the whole pack, then they got their patch.

      The parents got a mini first aid kit of bandaids


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        When I was a Cub Master, I made up a 2 foot pocket knife of card board that folded up.

        I got the Asst CM to stand behind me and "demonstrate" the skills I was explaining the Bears had achieved to earn this Card with the giant knife.

        Of course, I played it straight up, and the Asst. CM really did the opposite of what I explained, to include lopping off a couple fingers (Carrot stubs), to all kinds of crazy stuff.

        When I finished up, I asked the Parents of the Bears to come forward to present the cards to the Bears.

        By this time the Asst. CM had wrapped his hand in some Halloween gauze (bloody) and tried to "shake hands" with the Bear as he got the card.

        With Cubs, you have a short attention span, and if you keep it FUN, it's be good.

        The pack loved it.


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          To dg98adams - sounds awesome - I gotta remember that. Thanks for the great presentation idea.