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Den Leader Christmas Gifts and Christmas Party

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  • Den Leader Christmas Gifts and Christmas Party

    Well, I am planning for the long term.

    So what Christmas party activities have you done in the past???? Last year we wrapped the Den leader, that was fun to watch. Then the usually punch and candy cane sorta thing.

    Looking for better

    Cub Masters, what have you done for the Den Leaders during Christmas to show your appreciation to them?

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    been a while since my son was in cub scouts. but our pack had an annual christmas sleep-over party, with pizza and santa visited and gave each boy a present (alway a pinewood derby car kit after the 2nd year you knew what it was.). they held it at the school, played basketball and other things (like some sort of christmas craft activity).. then bunked down on the school gym floor for an overnight.


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      Needs to be done before you might otherwise be holding a Christmas party, but for the last several years we have been making cards for the troops:


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        You could have a Holiday in November party (celebrate popcorn sales) since Dec. is so busy, and maybe do a service-related activity (cards for Troops, Christmas Caroling, etc...) in Dec.


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          This year we're trying sock wars for the first time...Have everyone bring a pack of socks. Parents roll them into balls while the Dens and siblings spend 10-15 minutes building forts out of cardboard sheets. Kids stay behind the fort and in between is the DMZ. When the whistle blows, start tossing. When they run out of ammo (and the ammo replenishes because of socks that go over the fort walls), blow the whistle and go to the DMZ to reload. Afterward donate the socks, which I'm told (???) stay in fine shape. We'll see how it goes...


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            When they run out of ammo (and the ammo replenishes because of socks that go over the fort walls), blow the whistle and go to the DMZ to reload.
            I don't know, this sounds an awful lot like a prohibited activity to me.

            Pointing any type of firearm or simulated firearm at any individual is unauthorized. Scout units may plan or participate in paintball, laser tag or similar events where participants shoot at targets that are neither living nor human representations.
            Just exactly what are these socks intended to simulate? Hand grenades or other explosive weapons? Maybe these socks should only be thrown at non life-like targets. You'd better not let the H&S people get wind of this event.


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              Oh good lord, I can only assume you are joking or being sarcastic. I seriously hope that this forum is not like so many others where people simply lurk out there waiting to flame people for every perceived indiscretion.

              Socks=Snowballs. We have the latter a lot of the year where we live.


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                Oh good lord, I can only assume you are joking or being sarcastic.
                You assume correctly. Read my comment in the context of some of today's other active topics. I tend to be a smart a$$. Sometimes it gets me in trouble.
                Our Cub resident camp this summer played a similar game with flour "grenades" The Scouts put a small scoop of flour in a paper towel, twisted the loose corners, and quickly dunked the bundle in water. A participant who was struck was left with obvious evidence. The Cubs had a blast. I made the same comment as above to the camp program director, who got a good laugh out of it.


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                  I hadn't done the socks as snowballs (nor considered them G2SS-prohibited explosive devices!!), but several times I've told the Scouts, in all seriousness, that we're going to very very carefully do "origami" paper folding to create winter decorations to hang on trees, and then I very very seriously describe how they need to take the five pieces of paper that they are being handed and that they need to very very carefully fold and bend those sheets - just so - to create this round image of which I don't describe.

                  I say, OK, make them, keep them with you, right at your place. We'll collect them and hang them on the tree.

                  The hard part is keeping them making their snowballs before someone tosses one, because once that happens . . . it's all over!

                  Great fun.


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                    Ok, I guess I should have seen the humor in that...but in today's society nothing is too ridiculous to believe people would get their shorts in a wad over! And too many forums that should be helpful are simply chances for people who never leave their computer to pounce on noobs...

                    Anyhoo, I'm optimistic about sock wars and it will follow a "dress the leaders as turkeys" event in November. I just took over for the CM and am trying to reenergize the pack, because our pack meetings are pretty much snooze fests at the moment. I think these activities will be a shock to the system and I'm really enthused about them, and enthusiasm is a key to making them work.

                    First thing to do is to bring it up at the first leader meeting and sell it to the other leaders. Since we've never had leader meetings...or committee meetings...or planning meetings...and I was asked 2 weeks ago to take over...I'm a little behind the 8 ball at the moment....


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                      Simulated snowballs?

                      I hope you have a simulated safety class beforehand.
                      And also since simulated snowballs are actually simulated frozen water...hold both SSD and Safety Afloat training for all involved! !


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                        Hey I just hope they're CLEAN socks ! Good Grief, The socks that Scout son brought home from Summer camp could stand on their own and walk out the door by themselves if they tried :P
                        I was worried the black helicopters and Sector 7 were going to break down my door and arrest me for having WMD's.


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                          Well I learned a bunch from this thread

                          thanks for all the help


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                            First step: Check with your Cubs' parents to make sure a Christmas party is OK and won't put out any non-Christians.


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                              Well Basement....wemust just be dull!
                              WE pretty much just get together, eat and have a "Parent Son Cookoff".

                              Basically, it's a desert contest.

                              Some of the kids bring their den leaders gifts, but it's not pushed, mentioned, oe shied from either. If the scout of ghis parents want to, that fine, but that sums it up.

                              A few of the adult leaders may exchange gifts with each other, but again, nothing organized.