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Sportsman AB & New Sport Belt Loops

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  • Sportsman AB & New Sport Belt Loops

    I am leading a Webelos Den this year and have been surprised that I've not been able to find any information on the new Sports belt loops (11/09) being incorporated into the Sportsman Activity Badge. There are some very nice ones that are included, particularly Ice Hockey. Does anyone know if the new individual and team sports belt loops are options for Sportsman AB requirements #3 and #4? Or, is one restricted to just those listed in the requirements?

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    Check out as they have most of the requirements there. want to say all of the Sports and Academics stuff is now current.


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      BSA does not publish new versions of their books every few months, or even every few years. Reprint old versions, yes, publish brand new versions, no. The belt loops list in the Webelos Handbook was complete at the time that handbook was published.

      The LIST is NOT the requirement. It is there as a help, and a convenience.

      The REQUIREMENTS are -

      While a Webelos Scout earn sports belt loops for two individual sports.

      While a Webelos Scout earn sports belt loops for two team sports.

      The new belt loops CAN be used to fulfill these requirements.


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        I had a couple of boys earn a hiking BL which is a single sport along with bb gun and archery which they earn at camp all listed as single sport BL'S.


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          I was wondering the same thing about that.

          Archery and BB Shooting are individual sports. Can they be used for the Sportsman AB?


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            I would say yes. It says a individual sport, does not say what per say, Just as ScoutNut mentioned only a refernce tool.


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              Does anyone have an authoritative source that states that the new belt loops count for this badge?

              While it would make sense to me that they should, I have not seen it in writing anywhere, nor have I ever seen or heard that the list printed in the Webelos handbook is a help or convenience and NOT the requirement itself.

              Of course, it's not the first time that changes are not communicated clearly by the BSA...

              I have always been told that due to the controlled nature of the activity, Archery and BB do not count toward this badge - note that even though these are old belt loops, they are conspicuously absent from the list of suggestions. The answer I've always heard is that there is a plenty long list of others to choose from.


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                My stance is that these are Individual Sport BL's, they do not say that a boy CAN NOT earn these for the sportsman BL. They give a list which is only a partial list of the many. To me if boy earns them,even while at a camp they could be counted towards the requirement.
                Loops that not allowed should be cleary stated, to end futher debate. See another way of making money for BSA.
                Until I see something concrete, I allowing them.


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                  As I stated, per the Webelos Handbook, the requirement is simply to earn the belt loops.

                  Do YOU have an "authoritative source" which states the new belt loops can NOT be used? Something published/written AFTER these belt loops were released?

                  The criteria for Cub Scout is to DO YOUR BEST. If you feel the need for something more than what is in the boys Handbooks, you can always e-mail BSA National your questions.



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                    Step away from the keyboard

                    Cub Scout Sports and Academics are a supplement to the rank advancement system. They are designed to allow youth to explore hobbies and be the first step to lifelong enjoyment. If you want the program materials, the Supply Corporation item is Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program Guide (#34299). You can order it at your scout shop.

                    The standard is still: Do your best If there is no hard interpretation, I'd err on the side of the Cub Scout. Be generous, as long as they are earning the individual awards. Most of these requirements are not onerous.

                    I rely on as a reliable source of data. Here is their link to the sports and academics program:


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                      As a follow-up for anyone still wondering, the Webelos Leader Guide (2010 printing), page 107, does include the new belt loops in the individual and team sport requirements for the Sportsman Activity Pin.

                      ALL Cub Scout Sports Belt Loops are listed.



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                        I understand that the ones listed could be considered just examples, but it seems that they should drop the "or" and add an "etc." and maybe precede the list with "for example" if that's the case. This seems to be a definitive list the way it's worded, both in the Webelos Leader Guide and Handbook: "While a Webelos Scout, earn Cub Scout Sports belt loops for two individual sports (badminton, hiking, horseback riding, bicycling,
                        bowling, fishing, golf, gymnastics, marbles, physical fitness, ice skating, roller skating, skateboarding,
                        snow ski and board sports, swimming, table tennis, or tennis)."

                        My issue is that BB Shooting and Archery are absent from the list. I'm wanting to use them for our boys who attended Day Camp, but I don't know if they're omitted simply because they didn't want to add the caveat that those must be earned at a Council-sponsored event, or if they actually don't want them used to fulfill the Individual Sports requirement of Sportsman.


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                          Thanks to ScoutNut for posting that e-mail address- they replied quickly that BB Shooting and Archery do qualify for Sportsman. I guess they just don't list them since they can only be earned at Council-sponsored events.