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Pack Halloween Parade

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  • Pack Halloween Parade

    This year my pack will be marching in our local Halloween parade. There will be roughly 60 scouts from Tigers up to Webelos. Does anyone have any ideas of inexpensive costumes that would be easy to make for a large group? There is little prep time before the parade so a costume that would easily be brought to the parade and put on there would be best.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Are you telling me that the boys don't already have their own ideas for costumes? Isn't that half the fun of dressing up for halloween, that you get to be whatever you want to be and everybody is something different? Don't reinvent the wheel here. Just tell the boys to show up in whatever their actual halloween costumes will be. And if you want to identify yourselves as Cub Pack 123, have them make/carry a banner or sign.

    (PS, if you are concerned about people not having time/money to put into making or buying costumes, look at the rank books. I know there's a masks option in the bear arrow points. I think there's something similar for the webelos showman. I don't recall the wolf and tiger books very well but I bet there's something in there too. Let the boys be creative and make some masks in den meetings.)


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      Everyone in the Pack is going as the same thing? Is this a theme type thing? If so, what is your Pack's theme?

      Ghosts would be easy to do.

      Vampire or Zombie Scouts would also be easy. All you would need is makeup. They could wear their uniform shirts.

      Robots - lots of silver foil.

      How about individual cardboard box cars. Small and light enough so that they can wear/carry them the whole time. They can race each other as they walk, and the adults can wear T-shirts with PIT CREW written on them and carry oil cans and air pumps.


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        Neckerchiefs. Don't forget the neckerchiefs. We participated in a community parade (not Halloween), one Scout dressed up in a gorilla suit to pass out candy and brochures. Wore his Scout hat and Necker. Got hugs from all the girls along the route.


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          Thanks to everyone for their thoughts. In respoonse to some questions it is a theme based event so the scouts will all dress alike. We are still in the beggining stages so I wanted to get some thoughts from scouters who may have participated in a similar event


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            They could just all wear class As, but then have a monster mask on! Maybe replace the std neckerchiefs with something scary looking. Should be able to pick something up from a fabric store and just cut them to size. All the boys could make their own Halloween themed slide for a den project too!

            Sounds like a lot of fun! I've never seen a Halloween parade. What part of the country do you live in?


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              Our Pack dressed as S'mores one year and won first place. The Tigers dressed in white and we stuffed them and put a scanned and enlarged Named brand Marshmallow label on them. The Wolves were graham crackers --just cardboard made to look like a graham cracker sandwich board. The Bears were the Chocolate bars --again, a named brand spray painted on card board with stencils. The leaders carried flashlights with tissue paper flames and when we got in front of the judges, we made a "campfire" and the kids made themselves into S'mores. We had a sign that said "Cub Scouts have S'more fun."


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                NJEagleMom! That is SUCH a cute idea!!! I LOVE IT!