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  • Den Yell

    I am still kind of new to things in Cub Scouts, we are headed to our Webelos Resident Camp in just about two weeks and they said each den needs a den yell. Can some one please explain to me exactly what this is?

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    It is a response the den you are in at camp will use to respond to their den's name.

    There is really no way you can prepare in advance as you will have others in your den and you do not know what your den will be called. The camp staff will demonstrate.


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      We are supposed to pick a patrol name the first evening, and then work on a den yell. I can handle the patrol name, the flag, the song, and even the skit they want us to do. Can some one give me an example of a den yell?


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        "Flaming Arrows - We're HOT! SSSSSS" (touch your arm/chest, like you're 'sizzlin'.

        "Wolverines Rule!"

        "Beavers, Beavers can't be beat" Slap your hands together like a beaver slapping its tail on the water

        For Cub dens with numbers:

        Den Four, Den Four - We roar! (and then to a loud roar)

        Den Five - sakes Alive!


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          I forgot to add

          Den Yells should be part of every pack's program. When your den performs a skit at a pack meeting, do the yell afterward.

          When a Scout from your den gets an award, give the Den Yell.

          Den Yells demonstrate Scout Spirit and grow group identity.

          There's a little section in the Cub Scout Leader book on p. 29-5


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            Den Yells, just as Patrol Yells, build co-operation (if it's not in unison, it's cacophany!, also it takes a group decision that this is what it's going to be ), imagination (anyone can do "we got spirit...", it takes a little brainpower to come up with a good yell) and esprit (we're proud of our group).

            Scout Spirit is living the Scout Oath and Law in our daily lives...


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              i had my wolf den howl like a wolf anytime the word "wolf or "wolves" was used. It kept them paying attention!! I'd through it in at random and if I got no response i'd say "I said Wolves". Since we were the only wolf den this worked.


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                Recently, two boys in our Pack, a Tiger (my son) and Bear, attended a Chuckwagon Derby along with the other boys father and myself. They joined forces with another Bear from another pack in a neighboring town. The two towns are Braintree and Weymouth.

                As we pulled our wagon along we started to create a little yell:

                We are the Bra-Wey Braves,
                Brave and strong are we!

                Now we were stuck for a second verse so I volunteered:

                Were making this up as we go along,
                We are the Bra-Wey Braves!

                The boys got a kick out of it and sang these four lines as they went from station to station. They added tossing their hats in the air with a shout at the end of the song.

                That little song helped to build camaraderie between boys of different ages, dens and packs and helped them to do very well in the Derby despite the fact that there were only three of them. The boys still like to sing it when they see each other.