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Leave No Trace Service Project for Bears

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  • Leave No Trace Service Project for Bears

    Hi Folks!

    This year the boys in my Bear den are going to work on the Leave No Trace award. I was wondering if the boys & I could do a clean up with our town''s civic organization. The civic organization does a monthly clean up & beautification (taking care of the planter barrels around town) of the 2 main roads in town & in the summer they do a clean up at the lake. If this doesn''t qualify as a service project, does anyone have other suggestions? Thanks in advance!


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    Since Cub Scouts use the frontcountry guidelines, cleaning up any outdoor area - parks, roadways, vacant lots, etc. would be an appropriate conservation project.

    Somewhere I have seen a list of other project ideas for Cub Scouts, but I can''t find it at the moment.


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      In my humble option as long as they are performing useful service for their age, skill level, etc and making a difference in the enviorment regardless of how close or far from buildings and roads it would count.

      Scott Robertson


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        Clean up projects of this type have a great impression some times. Kids don''t realize how much litter/junk people discard thoughtlessly. Find a way to quantify how much you pick up - # of items, # of bags filled, how many cans/bottles/miscellaneous items.

        Hold a reflection after the activity, and ask them why they think people do this. Why is it bad for the environment? What steps can they take as Scouts to keep nature clean? How can they make sure they don''t make this kind of impact? Tie it back to the Front Country Guidelines, and the core values. Values you could address would include Citizenship, Perseverance, Resourcefulness, Respect and Responsibility.

        One other service aspect would be to keep selected items and make a display for a pack meeting. If you counted, tell how many cans you picked up, how many bottles, etc. Have the boys make a caption for each item telling how long it would take that type of item to biodegrade (if ever). You could help them with the research, by supplying some kid level articles from magazines like Ranger Rick or Time for Kids.


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          Thanks for the info everyone! I''m glad that doing a town clean up is ok & we''ll do the town clean up in November!

          InfoScouter, we''ve been discussing the impact of littering, etc. to the environment & this will show it. Thanks for the other ideas too as that will help them understand better.


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            teach them this saying that I saw on a sign in a National Park

            "Leave only foot prints, take only pictures and kill only time"

            Scott Robertson