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Cub Scouts Awards/Requirements List

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  • Cub Scouts Awards/Requirements List

    I've been asked what are all the available Cub Scout awards, and what their requirements are. After searching around for awhile, I've concluded that it's not an easy, clear-cut question. It would be handy if there were a "Cub Scout Requirements 2005" book, but I'm not aware of such a publication.

    Here is my list of known awards, along with some questions. I found some additional information located at unofficial web sites, but I'm trying to compile only official information for my answer.
    All the following are from the handbooks:
    Tiger Totem, Tiger Patch, Tiger Tracks
    Wolf Badge, Arrow Points
    Bear Badge, Arrow Points
    Whittling Chip
    Webelos Badge, Compass and Points
    Arrow of Light
    Religious Awards
    World Conservation Award
    Leave No Trace
    Belt Loops and Pins

    And these are from the national website,, click on Awards
    75th anniversary
    Outdoor Activity
    Emergency Preparedness
    BSA Physical Fitness Award
    Heroism Awards
    so there are no real questions about those.

    Then there are the following awards that aren't specifically listed in either of the two above resources.
    Recruiting strip - clearly official
    Summertime award - also official -
    Interpreter Strip - listed as an optional requirement in the Language & Culture belt loop requirements, so it's official
    Family award - can't find an official web site, but it's in the book
    International Activity - national web site says each council will have their own requirements. (see
    Crime Prevention - can't find official national site, but do find official council information for some councils (e.g. Does this apply to all councils? Is there official national info somewhere?
    Donor Awareness - no information on national site, but it does appear on some council web sites (e.g. Is this an approved national award? Where would it say so?
    Conservation Good Turn - this activity is mentioned on the national site (, but I can only find reference to patches on unofficial sites. Is there an official award for this, or is it just an activity?

    Are there any other awards?

    I can probably go with the information I've found - most of the references seem to be semi-official. I'd like to have them confirmed, and it would be nice to have an official reference. The only really open question is what are our council's requirements for the International Activity Award. is a pretty good site ( But it doesn't list the summertime award, the family award, or the conservation good turn award, so it's possible that there are other awards that it doesn't list, either. Plus, of course, it's not official.

    Thanks for any help.
    Oak Tree

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    The BSA Cub Scout Family Award is in book form and costs just under $4. There is a patch and/or pin that may be earned by each member of the family once the award requirements are met, and there is a year to earn this.

    The Crime Prevention Award & Donor Awareness Awards: Check with your council to see if these are offered. Ours did not have the requirements available, but the scout shop had the patches and the DE said go for it if you know the reqts.

    Jamboree On The Air (JOTA)

    Leave No Trace Front Country

    Historic Trails

    Good Turn For America


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      JOTA is a good one, thanks.

      For the historic trails, it appears the award itself is limited to Boy Scouts and up (see, even though the trails are approved for hiking by Cub Scouts.

      I saw the Good Turn for America web site before, but I don't see any award mentioned anywhere on it. I agree that it's a great program to participate in.

      Thanks for digging those up.

      Oak Tree


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        For the historic trails, check with your council. I learned that Boy Scouts can mean Cubs too, but it depends on the trail. Just an FYI if you really want to do that.

        Good Turn For America has a round emblem that is earned just be participating. There are rockers, one for each year, beginning with 2004. This may be worn on the uniform. When I was a CM, the boys loved getting this, and they found the little rocker kind of cool--though Moms didn't want to have to sew them on

        Another thing to take notice of: some of these awards are for families, most for Cubs only, and some for leaders.

        You're very welcome.(This message has been edited by bbng)


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          Hi Oak Tree,

          This little note is coming to you from the Live Oak District, Los Padres Council.

          In the Language of Scouting on the National web site ( ) there is this definition of the Crime Prevention award:

          "BSA National Crime Prevention program
          The BSA National Crime Prevention program has four components: youth, family, community, and unit-each with its own role in the program and suggested activities. Developing crime prevention coalitions and initiatives with local United Ways, law enforcement, and other agencies is a key component of this BSA program.

          I recently was told that the Donor Awareness program is still an active program but that it is not being promoted currently by national. I expect the same is true for the Crime Prevention award. If I find more information I will send it your way.

          Yours Truly in Scouting,
          Rick Pushies


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            I don't know about other states, but here in Texas we (Cub Scouts, not Tigers though) can earn the Texas badge. Just need to know some very basic history and state symbols, and a few other requirements. My Wolves earned it last year.

            Don't know where to find out about your own state.