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    Have you tried having your Cub Scout Dens each make their own Den Flags? Our Pack has never done this before, but after watching Nephew's Patrol in BS do theirs, I thought maybe this would be something CS age boys, even Tigers could do, and more importantly, enjoy doing. They would have something to bring with them to each Pack Meeting to display, they could add to it (or not) over the course of the year, etc.

    I'd like to hear other's success (and failure) stories.


    Michelle - CM - P102

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    I think thats a great idea. My son just got done at Cub Day Camp and his den made a flag and they had a blast doing it. He was in 1 of 2 wolf Dens. Our theme was Railroads and the boys den was called The Peabody Hoppers (apparently that was the name of the train comapany and hoppers were cars that held coal or rock) anyway the boys designed there flag with stick people. They each drew themselves with a green head (pea) then the stick body (body) and then they drew swirly lines under their feet (springs)to make it look like they were hopping. It came out pretty good and I thought not a bad design for a bunch of 7and 8 year olds.
    Maybe they could design a den flag for each months theme. I think that would be a lot of fun.



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      Making flags is a great team-building exercise when you can figure out a way to involve everyone.

      Our pack gave each den an 'official' flag, and encouraged a den-made flag. It was the denner's job to tote the made flag, and the assist. denner's job to tote the official flag. They usually loved it!


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        msnowman, this is exactly what I hope to do this year as well. I have given this much thought. Right now, I only have one Den that has a flag. I would love to have my pack purchase the official flag for each of my dens but with 12 Dens and $10 a flag, I may have trouble convincing the committee. However, den flags don't have to be the offical blue one.

        Frankly, I have a few den leaders who will balk at the idea of having to go through the trouble of making one. You know the kind. So, to get around this, I hope to generate excitement by handing out ribbons, beads, and the like at each pack meeting and pack event to hang on the flag, much like you do on a Pack flag. These ribbons, beads, etc, would be given out for any number of things. Bringing the flag, all boys in uniform, bringing something for the display table - things like that. I also am thinking of having a Travelling Cubmaster Ribbon. This would be given out at Pack Meetings to a single den. It, of course, will be bigger and bolder than anything else I give out. I haven't quite decided what criteria needs to be met to earn it.

        I hope to build pride and excitement through this effort. I can't wait to get it started.



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          This is the kind of feedback I was hoping for. Thanks for the tips, hints, suggestions.

          I think it will be fun...maybe even something to start at our Ice Cream social in a couple of weeks.

          CM - P102