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  • Den Flags

    Does your pack have den flags?

    If so, are they "Den3" type flags or do the Scouts name their Den after animals and such as Boy Scout patrols do? Do the boys in the den keep their name and flag from year to year as they advance?

    The pack I work with is having an overnight camping trip June 4-5, and one planned activity is to give the boys a chance to make a den flag. Any pointers on the aims and methods of accomplishing this task would be welcome.

    Seattle Pioneer

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    Back when...

    Our Webelos adopted patrol names with matching patrol patch and flag (just like boy scouts). The younger dens (Tiger, Wolf and Bear) used their den numbers on their flag. Some added representation of the current rank (a Tiger flag would typically be orange with a Tiger pictured, Wolf - red, etc.) Some dens created a new flag each year for the current rank, others used the same flag throughout, adding to it. Comes down to what each den decided.


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      It seems to me that the preferred method by National is to have Tigers use a seperate identity such as "Tiger Den" so I think the orange flag is a great idea. For Wolf and Bear dens they should be numerals, since it larger packs, you could have multiple dens of the same rank. Then Webelos get to do the Boy Scout thing of den names, like animals, or characters.


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        Our Pack uses the BSA flags. Blue flags with yellow cubscout logo and ironed on numbers. The Webeloes use a similar flag with their logo. This only started when I joined the Pack. I made flag stands for each patrol and painted them Tiger Orange, Wolf Yellow, Bear Blue, and Navy Blue. I handed them out to each den leader at a leader meeting. Flags have started to show up at the Pack meetings. We see the flags at the end of a row of chairs and the den sits together. I am hoping that each den will pass their flag stand on to the rising dens so they will have the correct color. Alternately each den could decorate their flag stand and maintain it throughout their career.

        I bring the den flag to dDn meetings and Pack meetings to help build Den spirit. I mentioned to my boy about the idea of choosing a patrol animal and making a flag. He liked the idea and choose a Phoenix. We have not approached our den about the idea yet. As rising Webelos I, I plan to make it a Den project in the fall.


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          Per BSA policy, the only dens that are allowed to take the name of a patrol animal are Webelos. They are allowed to drop den numbers & become the Webelos "Dragon" Den (NOT patrol).

          As Semper stated, den flags are pretty much whatever the den decides on. Some purchase them from BSA. Some do handmade ones that range from very fancy to an old pillow case.

          When my son was going thru Cubs we did a new flag (more a banner really) each year. With my Tigers I have one banner that I change numbers/names on each year.


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            Last year my wolf den created a den flag with our den number on it and every boy in the den had their name on it. (they had velcro on them so they could be removed/added as needed) It also has all of the ribbons our den has won at district events. The boys got a kick out of seeing there ribbons on our flag at each pack meeting. We will carry the flag over to this year.


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              Our Dens flags are all Blue and Gold with a Den# on them. thru the years they were designed by the boys.They stay with the dens til they crossover to Boy Scouts.As the Webelos crossover they put their names and Year on a ribbon and it is tied to the pole. The Webelos then present their flag to the tigers(new Wolves).At one time we had 2 Webelos dens crossover so there is 1 extra den flag.We always seem to have 7 or 8 dens.The boys have the choice to make a new flag if they want but they seem to like the idea of of passing the flags on.The Scouts seem to like this too when asked to be den chiefs they ask if they can work with their old dens.


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                When I became a den leader, the den purchased the standard den flag with the den number. The den used this flag through the wolf and bear years. They had no flag as tigers.

                Before the den crossed over to Webelos, the boys picked a critter (fox) as their den name for when they became Webelos. They designed a fox logo and put the logo on a new den flag that they (mostly my son and me)made. We have also made den t-shirts with the logo. The logo looks really good. I showed them a number of totems from fox woodbadge patrols and they modified one that they liked.

                The den has several ribbons and such that they have won/earned since they were wolfs that they display on the flag. It's really gotten hard to see the flag with all of the stuff hanging from it.

                The den brings the flag to most of the activities it does such as den and pack meetings, camp, etc.



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                  As far as tips or tricks for having a den create their flag I have a couple. If it's just going to be free, form just let them go at it and have fun. If they want a logo on it, for example a fox like the den's I work with. Have them draw a good version of the logo the correct size, then trace it onto the flag. That way it can be placed correctly and they can have several chances to get it right.

                  For the Fox Den's flag, my son drew a small version of the logo, a size he was comfortable with, and I scanned it into the computer and printed out the size we wanted and then traced it onto the flag. Obviously that would be tough to do on a campout.

                  Good luck,


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                    This was the first year, in many years we used an orange flag with a black paw print on it for the tiger. I just completed my 2nd year as CC for the pack, and even when my son joined Tigers the year before that, they hadn't used the orange flag. One mother who had a son graduate out of the pack 2 years ago, had another join this year, and doesn't remember the orange flag from her older son either. I happend to find two flags like that at the end of the previous scouting year, and you could tell the flags had been hand made and were in great shape, and I thought they were really cool, and since we didn't know how many tiger dens we would end up with, we decided to use those initially. At the boys advancement ceremony, we had the boys switch their flag, and it just made them feel so much "bigger"! Anyways, the rest of the pack uses the standard flag with the den # on them until Webelos when they pick a name for their den. Either they make a flag for their new name, or I have a box of about 20 different flags from dens that graduated out that the boys can opt to use one of those instead.



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                      Hey all, here's a link to a great inspiration for den/patrol flags.


                      Hope it gets your Scouts' creative juices flowing!


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                          We push the use of flags by each den and encourage each den to make their own. All dens use the numbering system except for Webelos at their option. Each den maintains their number throughout their time in the Pack and numbers are added as needed. WHy flags? Casue we use them as Den brags! At each pack meeting, the den that has the best uniform inspection gets the inspection award. This consists of a large tabletop figure that they can add their name to the bottom, as well as an Eagle feather for their den flag (imitation eagle feather with leather thong and safety pin). The boys love it. We're going to expand it this year to include flag ornaments for event attendance, scout spirit, good turns, etc. Gonna make those den flags shine!!!


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                            Were I doing it again, I would...

                            Assign each new den the lowesst unused numeral and let them keep it as they move up. If I HAD to 'blend' dens for some reason later, the lowest numeral of the two would remain.

                            Use the offical flags as one den flag, then encourage each den to create a den-made flag with a 'den nickname' and/or mascot- ideally based on a Jungle Book or Ernest Thomas Seton animal or a variation of the den number (with CM and DL veto powers).

                            A flag making workshop sounds like a great idea! They can always make the flag more permanent (or cleaner) later if necessary.

                            I'd probably bring out a big old tub of basic supplies, and encourage each DL to discuss and preplan the event at den meetings. (Whether or not you'd want each den to bring supplies or not would be a coin flip, I think).

                            Obviously, you're gonna want to stay with the various washable craft glues and other supplies that won't leave permanent markings on the kids or campsite, but other than that, no specific ideas.


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                              I am just beginning my first full year as Cubmaster for my new Pack. My Pack currently has 12 Dens and as I was transitioning in with the old CM last year I noticed that not one of the Dens had flags. This year, at the first Pack Meeting, I plan on handing out a flag stand, flag, and pole to each Den (as long as I can get the committee to pay for it ). I believe the flag will elicit pride and excitement from the Dens. Because, you see, I have also noticed that some dens aren't quite as active as they should be. Some don't even show up to Pack meetings - even B&G or Crossover!! But that's another of my agenda items for this year.

                              Anyway, I plan on handing out ribbons, beads, and such at each Pack Meeting for each Den to attach to their respective flag. These will be awarded for things such as attendance at Pack meetings, bringing the flag to the meeting, bringing something for the Display table, winners of games we have at the meeting, etc.

                              Soon, I hope to see flags full of things that the boys will be proud of.