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switch unit commish?

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  • switch unit commish?

    is it possible to ask for a different unit commish?

    Our current commish is related to a boy that left our troop because mom was upset that he wasn't "given" a position.

    Our current commish seems to be very upset about all that and just seems to have a chip on their shoulder. Shows up expecting time with me (SM) or CC when we already have been asked by boys the previous week if we would give them some time for something. Or shows up when I am suppose to sit in on PLC meeting and ASM isn't there to sit in for me. Commish has our contact info a phone call would be nice. I don't mind it if they are just showing up to see what is going on with the troop and if we need anything, but even then I would contact them if I needed something.

    Also do your unit commish. recount everything on your JTE paperwork? our commish went and contacted the same people in the troop that I contacted to get the numbers to turn in the form (our CC works 2 jobs so I told her I would handle JTE and she did re-charter) Not sure if this is due to the boy commish is related to or if she's just that anal about things. But, it really upset some of our committee members to have to look up info again.

    so yeah, are we allowed to ask for a different commish? is what our commish is doing what others do?

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    Using just the information given, as a former UC, the answer is YES. You can aks for anything, does not mean the District will do it (but it is in thier best interest).

    As for what your UC is doing,showing up randomly at events, they should view various meetings (Troop, PLC, Commitee, and COH) but as a quiet observer. If they have questions or would like to chat, that should be at another time (other than meeting times).

    The job of a UC is to support the UNIT, unfortunately the Districts sometimes think the job is to report on Units. I can not say for your District or whether this is due to the UC.

    I would ask for a new UC stating personal differences and if the District says no, ask them to keep the UC away from the Unit (get the COR in on this too. if they ask they have more pull).

    My $0.02


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      Yes, you can ask for a new Unit Commissioner. You don't even have to have as good a reason as you do. A unit can ask for a new Unit Commissioner any time they want. If the District Commissioner refuses, you tell the District Commissioner that the current Unit Commissioner is no longer welcome to attend any meetings or contact any members of the Troop for Scouting purposes, whether Scout, parent or leader. In fact, you're better off having the COR tell the District Commissioner this and informing the DC that if the UC shows up at a meeting, the police will be called and the US will be removed from the property and charged with trespassing. Usually it doesn't get to this point.

      In the meantime, you ignore the current UC. If they show up, you say you don't have time for them right now, to call for an appointment and you will decide if you wich to meet with them.


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        Kathy, by all means, ask for a new UC. The UC role is ideally based on mutual trust and respect. If those elements aren't there, you've seen first hand what happens--a UC who has an agenda, is a paperwork chaser and otherwise a pain in the neck.

        The UC works for the UNIT. The district and council and regional and national work for the UNIT. Some scouters with silver and gold tabs forget that.


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          The person to have a quiet cup of coffee with is the District Commissioner, Kathy.

          You may be asked to pony up someone in your unit to serve as a UC to other units. Not all that many people want to step to the second level and be a layer removed from the youth.


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            Seen it done. For about the same reasons as you describe.

            Not judging the UC. It could be that you're too proud to listen to his/her advice. Maybe he/she's being fed a line of bull by the mom. Maybe, thanks to her, you're reading his overtures as insults. Maybe it's just an oil and water thing. No way to tell from this side of the interweb.

            Doesn't matter. You'll never know unless you swap a different person into the role.

            The down side: you might get a UC who is not invested in your unit at all. He/she might take the fact that you asked for a trade as an indication to keep a more respectful distance from your troop than you intended. You might have to be a little extra-welcoming for the new UC to come around at all.


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              Wouldn't it make sense to talk with the UC first and share your expectations?
              Tell the UC you appreciate her interest in the unit and willingness to help you succeed. Remind her that you schedule all your time at Scout meetings and would love to add her to your schedule when she calls or emails you ahead of time. If she would like to just show up at meetings to watch, that's fine but you won't have time set aside.


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                By all means ask for a change. Having no commissioner would be better than having this commissioner.

                What your commissioner is doing is not what commissioners do in general. The most common situations that I've seen are
                - no commissioner assigned
                - a name on paper that you never see
                - a warm body that you see maybe once a year
                - a friendly person who comes by a few times and is available if you need them, but doesn't actually do anything
                - a unit commissioner who is a friend to the unit and more or less works as described

                There are also the species of commissioner who are extra involved and work very hard for a unit.

                And there are those who are a bit problematic - who view themselves as the police or something. It's not common, but it does happen. You don't need them. They are supposed to be there to support you - it's up to you to decide if that's what's happening.


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                  We "fired" our UC when they became too involved and tried to run the pack. In the middle of the pack meeting, I was stopped and told to provide a list of cubs who had participated in an event years before. Our treasurer was then told she would be written up for not having the budget at her back and call. THis UC was a very nice and dedicated person but not cut out for that position.


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                    I'm currently a DC, Please get with your ADC+DC and update them on your situation.If any of my UC's or Units want a change I have no problem trying to make that arrangement. It might be that the Unit is without a UC for awhile,I have others volunteer to fill in which may lead to their replacement if they work well together. If all else fails I or the ADC fill in.I ask all my UC's to extend the courtesy of calling before hand and as far as I know they all do.I make the rounds also just to say hello and you are doing a great job,it also lets them "see" who I am and that I am accessable,not just "someone on District level".


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                      before this UC our troop supposedly had one - never ever saw them. This UC was very involved and had their hands in quite a few things. Since the boy left troop they have gone to just UC mode supposedly, but I'd rather have what we had before.

                      I show up to roundtables and summer camp pre-meeting or send someone in my place - honestly don't even need some of the stuff that I get from those places.

                      Troop has some great volunteers. We have declined in size the last few years and beginning to wonder if part of that might have been due to UC who I hear was the same way when worked with the pack. Town has 1 pack but 2 troops, however all the boys in the other troop come only from that pack - we have gained boys from multiple packs from other towns.

                      Supposedly I heard from our CC that UC wants to have a sit down with me (SM), CC, and COR... so will see what comes of that.

                      To be honest I hate all the junk - just let me sit back and watch the boys teach the boys and just step in when I'm needed... that's the part I enjoy - the going out and camping, learning new skills, and trying new recipes!