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    second class

    The only problem with your scenario is that you think there are SE's who really give a cr*p about the council, the camps, or the volunteers. The SE is there only to put their time in order to qualify to be promoted to a position at National, all of them are gunning to be the next CSE.

    Granted there are a very few who truly care about their council and its welfare but they are the exception rather than the rule. As someone said in another thread those scouting professionals who do really care generally don't last long in their climb to the top.


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      I don't know where people get the notion that camps are being sold, since from the begining of the Area 2 project the board said that they would not sell any camp. These camps are not closed, they are resting and some of them have been taken off that resting list.
      The four boy scout summer camps will each have 7 weeks of camp, each week is full. D-Bar-A has 3 sub camps that all run 7 weeks and are the only camps not currently at capacity.
      We really do need more DEs the district to the norht of me has 9 counties and only 1 part time DE. My district has 5 counties and 1 full time DE and one part time DE that is shared with two other districts. My field service council covers 27 counties in some of the poorest sections in Michigan.
      The Area 2 project is a blessing in disguise. Right now things are convuluted and inchoerent but the fact that we do not have to sell one of our camps (which we has LHAC were going to do within 10 years) is a Godsend.


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        Before the "Michigan Madness" - the Detroit Area Council and Clinton Valley Council merged (Great Lakes Council emerged). This was an economic reality- it didn't create more jobs, it consolidated positions in an attempt to save money.

        A year or two later, State Wide council was formed (actually I believe it is not the entire state and it includes a sliver of Ohio too).

        As of January 1, 2013, Lost Lake Scout Reservation, Camp Agawam and Paul Bunyan Scout Camp.

        An extensive nine month review was conducted for each camps program strengths that evaluated facility conditions, location to population centers, attendance and financial sustainability. As a result, a recommendation to operate the following MCC 2013 camping programs was presented to the MCC Executive Committee and approved on September 10, 2012.

        Yeah, it was a money issue. Folks would rather have fewer "nicer" camps than more "rustic" camps. For now, the camps will be mothballed so to speak - not sold. At least that is what they are telling us now.


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          I have been to Camp Agawam a few times The camp is surounded by a large homes. The camp entrance shares a road with these homes. Also when you are at the waterfront you can see a lot of large homes on the lake. My guess is when real estate values go up they will sell it.

          I actually like the camp. It is close to the Detroit Metro area. It would be nice to have a BSA camp close by to use. However they don't have many cabins to use for winter camping with cubs.

          I do feel the merge is more about money then anything else.