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If not Mike Rowe, who?

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    What do you see that makes him disqualified? Living in sin with his girl friend?

    His T shirts that say "A Scout is clean, but not afraid to get dirty" are popular with my scouts.


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      go back and read Calico's post on page 1

      Then Google the question.....

      A name pops up........


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        How about this, "Mike Rowe has never been married, but in a question and answer session for Discovery he was asked who he was dating. He replied that he is continuing to "pursue a life of serial monogamy with a very understanding woman in San Francisco." That's all he's willing to divulge."

        Seems like he likes to keep his private life private. Can't say I blame him.

        Eagle Scout Mike Rowe was a member of Troop 16, Kenwood Presbyterian Church, Dulaney District, Baltimore Area Council. My dad was in the same troop as a kid and my parents went to that church.

        We grew up in the same area, Mikes parents still live in my parent's neighborhood.

        Google all you want, anybody can post anything they want on the internet. Doesn't mean it's true.


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          My point isn't that he is or isn't - it's that if there was a guy with those exact stats in anytown USA that wanted to help a Boy Scout Troop as an ASM, a lot of people would be suggesting that he couldn't serve because he probably isn't straight - I only ask why we would overlook that in one person and not likely overlook it in anyone else. Rowe might very well be a perfectly good Chief Scout (though Kudu has a rather interesting perspective) but me might not be the best choicee, politically, as a first or second Chief Scout. I think you'd want to choose as a first Chief Scout someone that potentially wouldn't be deflecting certain awkward questions the first few months of his term.

          As I think about it some more, I think we shouldn't choose a celebrity to be Chief Scout anyway - what message does that really send? I think we should make the Chief Scout role a permanent, salaried job, to be filled for a one year term starting June 1 and ending May 31 of every year, and hire from that year's undergraduate college graduation class an Eagle Scout that has completed his degree program with highest honors, while remaining active either in their local Troop, a local Troop in his college locale, or in the college reserve or BSA fraternity to travel the country visiting summer camps and day camps, talking to Scouts, visiting camporees, visiting Troops, Packs and Crews, and being a full time Ambassador to Scouting for his term, with a generous travel allowance and a generous paycheck.

          We should have a "Super-Scout" as Chief Scout, not a celebrity.


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            Make the job open to those in trade or technical programs and folks just out of the armed forces, and I'm 100 percent behind that idea. Love it!


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              Shortridge: Done and Done!


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                How about the politician from the OA sash on the belt thread that wears his sash with the arrow pointed down and his MB sash as a bandolier? I think he would make a great Chief Scout. LOL