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If not Mike Rowe, who?

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    No one's saying he shouldn't be CS, but putting all of the patrol's grub in a single backpack is inviting problems. (Or eggs - basket. Same diff.)


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      "Is that single guy down the street a Distinguished Eagle Scout Award recipient?"

      For the sake of the hypothetical - Yes.


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        Then why wouldn't you want him to help out with your troop? Ya'll must have some high standards!

        I think I know enough about Mike Rowe to believe he would do a great job promoting BSA.

        I would assume that when BSA bestows the Distinguished Eagle Scout award to someone they have an idea that they have the same values as prescribed by the organization.

        So if not Mike Rowe then how about Larry the Cable Guy? I think he was a Cub Scout as a kid.


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          Robert Gates would be a good alternative (but MR is by far and away my 1st choice)


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            Our Boy Scout program is a job skills program with an outdoor-lite theme.

            So a guy like Mike Rowe who tries different jobs like an American Boy Scout tries different Merit Badges, is a perfect match.

            ANY celebrity will do, however, so long as he is popular enough to convince indoor American boys that schoolwork Merit Badges and florescent lights "leadership" theory is actually really kewl!

            Baden-Powell's Scouting was based on using Scout skills to navigate through Physical Distance: A series of Journeys and Expeditions of increasing difficulty at every rank, through rugged backwoods territory.

            So "Bear" Grylls, whose every program is a journey through significant backwoods territory, is a perfect role model for Scouting associations that gear their outdoor program to be a challenge for rugged outdoor teenagers.

            Yours at 300 feet,



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              So who would you pick to fill that role on this side of the pond?


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                Bear Grylls.

                Nothing says our next "Green Bar Bill" must be from Denmark.


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                  I think he already has a job.


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                    If you want something done, ask a busy man.


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                      Very clever, I've never heard that one before.


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                        Les Stroud if you wanted someone that actually understands and uses scoutcraft and survival skills and how to enjoy spending time in the wilderness. Of course choose Mike Rowe if you want to associate more with someone who tries out hundreds of jobs (merit badges) completing one per day (about average for those merit badge fairs or merit badge mill summer camps) with learning just the bare minimum and no real mastery of any job (or repeating or testing).

                        Cody would be acceptable too but his more minimum impact methods of wilderness living is just as far as you can go from the overdeveloped madness seen at some cub/boy scout activities.


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                          I like Les Stroud's show but what is his background in Scouting?
                          I think a celebrity spokesperson for BSA should be someone with a background in Scouting that is popular and well known by our youth.
                          What makes you think Eagle Scout Mike Rowe doesn't understand Scoutcraft?


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                            I think Les Stroud is Canadian, not that there's anything wrong with that.

                            Louie Zamperini would be a great roll model but he must be in his 90's.

                            How about Richard Tinnell, another busy talented young man,

                            " of the original founders of JPFreek Adventure Magazine. He is also an experienced outdoorsman, survivalist, avid Jeep enthusiast, and Eagle Scout. His commitment to JPFreeks mission as an eco-friendly, environmentally conscious publication has been a guiding light in his continued design work for JPFreek Adventure Magazine.

                            Richard holds a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design from Southwest Texas State University, and is currently working on a Masters degree in Geographic Information Systems."

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                              maybe Astronaut Michael E. Fossum (still like Mike Rowe)

                              "Fossum made two flights aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery to the International Space Station. On a third trip to the space station, he joined two Russian cosmonauts. He is currently a scoutmaster in Houston and remembered his time spent as a Boy Scout at Camp Perry, learning first aid skills.

                              Scout stuff is real stuff, Fossum told the boys.

                              About a month ago, Fossum said he witnessed a car accident where he was able to use skills he learned as a Boy Scout to help treat the victims for shock after he dialed 9-1-1."



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                                Why would Mike want to do it????

                                We have already questioned his sexuality.....Ya know I never even considered his sexuality till now.....

                                Rules being rules, from a quick google search he is probably disqualified.