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Girl Scouts Announces Co-Ed Scouting!

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  • Girl Scouts Announces Co-Ed Scouting!

    Everyone seems to think the co-ed Scouting issue will wait around for BSA to decide the issue.

    'Taint necessarily so.

    What would happen if Girl Scouts announced they were going to begin co-ed Scouting?

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    We'd think the Pod People had taken over.

    I believe that in 10-15 years GSUSA might finally be in the right frame of mind (having retired off those most viciously and irrationally opposed) to bring up federation similar to what many European countries did first.


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      Seattle - You forgot the Punch line, I opened this tread expecting to see it..

      APRIL FOOL'S!!!

      So, since the girls can't stand the program because it's boring with no adventurous stuff, how would they attract the boys? Simply by stating "We've got girls!!"..

      For girls it would be cool to say "I've joined the boy scouts".. What boy would be willing to say "I've joined the Girl Scouts".
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        Hello Moosetracker,


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          I don't see it ever happening. I don't have a daughter, so I have no experience with Girl Scouts. Of the Scouters I know who do have daughters in GS, they all tell me that they are never made to feel very welcome and can only help on the periphery. If they are that "hostile" to men and want to keep leadership almost exclusively female, I don't see them making GS co-ed.


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            The programs just aren't compatible for integration.

            Boy Scouts teaches chivalry, and Girl Scouts teaches feminism.

            This makes the Boy Scouts more likely to integrate, being the more tolerant program.

            Maybe when the Girl Scouts teach home-economics and the Boy Scouts teach misogyny will my opinion change.


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              Seriously though, las time I saw a Campfire member was in the early 80s, and never since. And tho think they were the BSA's official 'sister" program in the USA.

              Good friend was involved in GSUSA as an male leader, and got fed up with being treated as a second class citizen.


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                "This makes the Boy Scouts more likely to integrate, being the more tolerant program."

                *shaking out the cobwebs, getting back up after falling out of my chair*

                Now I KNOW this is an April Fools' thread!


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                  Their national HQ is here in Kansas City at 11th and Walnut.


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                    My son did his Eagle project at a Campfire USA camp back in November.


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                      Everybody that I've every told this thinks I'm nuts: I was an official Girl Scout throughout high school, and I'm a guy. It was 1974—1976 in Lake Forest Illinois. There were about 50% boys in the group, and, yes, we were officially sponsored by the Girl Scouts; I received invitations to events for years. Our group was involved almost entirely in rock climbing and Ski Patrol safety training. It was great, I was the leader for a couple years and I think of it often. BTW, I tried the Boy Scouts and it was a horrible experience.


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                        Nice to hear from the exception that proves the rule.

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                      I remember reading an article over the summer, I think about a little boy whose parents identified him as a girl because he liked makeup and lipstick. His parents tried to sign him up for Girl scouts packleader said no, so they went to national and they were told he needs to be let in.
                      Know the BSA would never do that, if people imply that letting gays into the BSA is the first step to women joining they are stupid. Girl Scouts are also much more liberal then the BSA.