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sleeping bag clutter

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  • sleeping bag clutter

    Well back from the last outing, storing gear away......There has got to be a better way.

    So I have, I don't know 20 sleeping bags, under and over quilts down syntheic, 0 degree 40 degree, mummy....wifes, son, daugher and mine. well ya get the idea.

    Getting tired of the clutter, so I store them un stuffed on a three tier shelving unit stacked on each other. They take up an incredible amount of space. So how in the world do you guys store yours?????

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    I got 2 in a cardboard moving box in the basement in europe.
    Not too long ago I got myself a 2-piece US Army Sleeping Bag, so buttons both summer & winter into one if need be, optional bivy. A bit bulky but I love it.
    Got that one in one of those vacum storage/space bags sitting under the staircase in Kiwiland.

    I dont even have a sleeping bag where I am at now, just a good ol' poncho liner ^o^


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      God bless my wife! Mine, along with my pack and personal gear is at the ready across the floor from the foot of my bed. I encourage every one else to find a suitable nook in their room. Otherwise, they go on shelves or bins in the garage. (100+ year old houses are good for that sort of thing.)


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        I got heaps of gear on my side of the bedroom. Mrs Turtle is not pleased.


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          Kids are gone, 3 bedroom house. Our bedroom, her room and my room. All have doors on them.



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            Sounds like you're probably doing it the best way possible. My boys hang their own sleeping bags on a hook on the back of their bedroom doors. The thing is, you don't want the bags compressed for storage, so they are going to take up space.


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              I must have 20+ sleeping bags in our garage. Most I just keep rolled as I don't think it matters that much for the average bag as long as you dry and air them out after using them. Anything below Walmart, Target, or Coleman are just not that sensitive ... IMHO. But ... I do treat my ultra light bag and my -40 degree bag very differently. Hang and leave un-rolled. I paid over $200 for each and their performance depends on being stored uncompressed. But I just don't think it matters that much for the low end sleeping bags. It also depends on what the internal material is and lighter bags do depend more on fluffyness.
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              • Basementdweller
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                down bags absolutely have to be stored uncompressed.....I have a bunch of loaner bags I stored rolled up.

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              We keep the self inflatable pads and our bags under our mattresses. Probably not a good idea if you have small critters in the house. Don't have 20 however. I know someone who puts them loosely in a laundry bag and hangs them from the rafters in his garage. Looks a bit like creepy from sci fi perspective.


              • Basementdweller
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                20 bags for four people is pretty easy

                you need a summer bag, 40 degrees
                you need a spring fall bag 20 degree
                you need a winter bag which is zero degree or better
                If your a down bag guy, you need a spring fall synthetic bag for the rainy backpacking trip.......

                sounds like my set up isn't too bad but the stack of bags and mattresses is 6 foot tall

              • King Ding Dong
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                The only other good way I can think of is just hang them like at the store but that would take even more room.