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old trail chef cook kits

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  • old trail chef cook kits

    Our troop has some old pieces of Trail Chef aluminum cook kits in storage and I've noticed that some appear to be heavily oxidized. Assuming these can be cleaned up, anyone have any recommendations on how to do so?

    I would think that anything deeply pitted would get tossed, and that we probably don't want to use any heavy abrasives on them. Any other thoughts?


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    This might be overkill, but if you know anyone who has access to a machine shop where they have what's commonly called a "bead box"...a cabinet where you stick your hands into some heavy leather gloves and sandblast small parts with glass beads which are inside the cabinet while you look through the window. He could polish them up for you real nice in about 5 minutes. I often wished I'd had one of those in my garage when we came back from a campout.


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      soft scrub and some elbow grease


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        Try a product called Bartenders Friend, it is a scrubbing powder that chefs use to clean metal pans, etc. I can tell you from personal experience it works great I use on all my metal products and it hasn't failed yet.


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          Thanks, guys -- I appreciate your responses. I'd been thinking Barkeeper's Friend too, or even Softscrub. What I hadn't thought about is the bead box. We've got an ASM in the troop who is a pro metalworker. Didn't even occur to me to ask him :-). He's awesome -- made us a really nice dutch oven table and also made some dutch oven lid lifters. He even set aside some scrap at work, and was almost finished with a rack for propane bottles, but he said someone else at work swiped it.

          Thanks again --