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Hot Pot Pliers

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  • Hot Pot Pliers

    The BSA used to sell Hot Pot pliers but no longer have them
    These were used to lift pot lids during cooking and one of the legs had a hook on it that could be used to carry a pot or dutch oven.
    The Quartermaster at SM training had some of these but did not know were to get them as they had been in his Troops gear long before he joined.

    I have looked at Camp-mor, Harbor Freight and even did a search on Ebay but I have not been able to find these.

    Does anyone know if these are still made and where to buy them?

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    Have you tried the Lodge. If I understand what you are looking for, I saw them at our local Lodge outlet just last week.


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      I bought seven of them for the troop last month from the council scout shop...dutch oven plyers??? If you want I can check back and "ship you a pair" if they have more instock.

      Also in another thread from last spring on D.O. cooking one of our lovely lady posters noted a certain store sold the same things for about 40% less than the scout might want to search the threads.
      let me know


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        I got one at Academy for under $6.00. It is great.


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          Hey CNYScouter,

          went by the scout shop today to pick up a couple of star badges and second class badges and checked the shelf they have one in stock now and said they could order more.
          They are called Hot Pot Tongs, cast alum. $8.55 (ouch) SKU# 7 30176 01215 5. To their knowledge BSA has not discontinued...they mentioned that your shop might not sell enough to keep it on the shelf...but the had not heard about BSA dropping the things...

          However, in my somewhat frantic search(just in case your info source was right), to find a replacement I found a neat set of "tongs" called campfire tongs by ROME Industries...look sorta interesting, about $10 (up to $15 at some suppliers)...seems to have a better leverage system by way of its design...gonna try to get my hands on one "just" to see if it's, I am not a kitchen gear-head...just like more toys....
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            I went to a restruant supply store in Akron OH and they stocked pliers to grab pizza pans (deep dish). They work perfect for dutch ovens, etc. And they were reasonable