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Need to retire those old tents? Here's an entertaining way do do it ...

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  • Need to retire those old tents? Here's an entertaining way do do it ...

    Once you conclude that your old tent(s) are no longer fit for service, Here's an activity for your scouts ...
    • Have your boys set the tent up for one last time, their packs may be placed nearby (with covers/garbage bags on them), they "bed down" in their sleeping bags and put on blindfolds. You then read them this scenario:
      • You have hunkered down in an isolated location.
      • You didn't pack a flashlight, but it was no problem because the moon was out. You could easily bear-bag what was left of dinner, brush teeth, and go to bed in the twilight.
      • Shortly after moonset, the sky thickens, and you awake to a torrential downpour. Fortunately the winds are low, so there is no worry of damage to the campsite, which is on a slope and should easily drain.
      • At this time you realized that the waterproofing on has failed, and is behaving more like a sieve than a roof. Your sleeping bag is somewhat repellent; however,
      • The floor of your tent is still waterproof, therefor a very large puddle is accumulating on the low side of the tent. The walls of your tent do seem to be doing a good job of holding humidity in, and your sense of claustrophobia and utter panic builds.
    • The mission:
      • While blindfolded, convert your tent into a serviceable shelter that will withstand any further downpours.
      • The tent may be further torn or modified.
      • Note that draining the water is a good first step.
      • Keeping the sleeping bags from getting soaked is a good second step.
      • Hint: the bottom of the tent is bone dry.
      • Expect the next downpour in an hour.
    • Scoring
      • The timing of the event will be from when the mission is given until the boys are back in their bags under a relatively "dry" shelter. Award a point per minute remaining in the hour from the start of the excersize.
      • 10 points for most dramatic tent exit.
      • 10 style points if the boys remember to put on their rain gear
      • 10 points for use of only the tent parts for the shelter.
    Any resemblance to a scouter caught off guard in his favorite wilderness recreation area is purely coincidental.

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    I like it, sounds like some fun with the potential for some good lessons.