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Youth Protection Training for Campouts

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  • Youth Protection Training for Campouts

    A couple weeks ago I attended Baloo training. Ugh.. Anyway. While there the trainer mentioned Youth Protection Training. She said All adults attending a campout must have YPT. Even if they are doing m thing more than hanging out. Is this accurate? If this is true, I think my attendance numbers are going to drop.

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    From what I know ... no. That is not correct. BUT BUT BUT ... there are often extra safety rules often imposed by council, camp and/or charter org.
    Strictly speaking, go here for the core BSA rules. You will have to go elsewhere for your council and/or charter org rules.


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      May not be a requirement, but it's a good idea, not just for the Scouts' sake, but for their own. It is ridiculously easy to do the YP Training online.


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        since you are talking BALOO that would mean cubs and I'm not totally sure on the policies for family with that. But for Boy Scouts the answer is yes all attending campouts must have YPT. Actually it's any adult who has direct contact with a scout - so basically anyone who attends anything where scouts are there. Now if you have a position that would only show up when youth aren't there (not sure what that would be) then they wouldn't be required. But really the online training is pretty quick and isn't that hard to complete. And as I look at it, it is more about protecting myself from false allegations than keeping me from doing anything because I wouldn't!!!


        • NealOnWheels
          NealOnWheels commented
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          Maybe in your unit or in your council but according the the Guide to Safe Scouting no. You at the minimum must have one registered leader and anyone registered is required to have YPT. Nowhere does it say non-registered adults need YPT.

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        Makes complete sense. Thank you everyone. Well off to send off a Pack wide email.


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          It our unit we require every volunteer and parent to take YP. BSA's rules are more lax, but where's the downside to having everyone YP trained?


          • perdidochas
            perdidochas commented
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            I can't see one. It's simple enough, takes about half an hour.

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          Having worked with youth for 40+ years, I have never viewed YPT as protecting youth. I know how I react around youth. I see it as ADULT protection training because I have no idea how youth will react around me. If it ever comes down to your word against an 8 year old, you automatically lose.



          • Old_OX_Eagle83
            Old_OX_Eagle83 commented
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            You hit the nail on the head Stosh

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          My son, who just bridged over to Boy Scouts, was looking over my shoulder while I was taking the YPT online. He asked me a couple questions about it, and I used it as an opportunity to let him know what the rules were to make sure that he never went off with an adult Scouter alone. I think it is a good idea to have parents take YPT because they need to make sure the people to whom they have entrusted their boys aren't doing any shenanigans, but to have every adult on a pack campout take it seems silly. It's Cub Scouts and all CS are supposed to have a parent with them on campouts, unless they are Webelos.


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            Welcome to BSA training. Not unusual at all for a trainer to make things up as he/she goes along, particularly as it relates to BSA policy.


            • King Ding Dong
              King Ding Dong commented
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              Yep, just like the field uniform required while traveling to be covered under BSA insurance rule.

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            yep, but I agree it's probably not a bad idea..... too bad it was stated as a "rule" though.

            I'm thinking of trying to kick off next year with a parent meeting
            mainly the goal is to lay out the expectations, how the pack operates, etc.....
            primary goal is to foster more parents helping and stepping up.... help them to have some ownership....

            this might be a great opportunity to run through YPT for the whole group at once.


            • Torchwood
              Torchwood commented
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              It may in fact be a rule in that District or Council. To the OP: before you fire off that email to your Pack, check with your DE and find out what the rules are for your unit.

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            I checked with my DE. He couldn't find anything from Council stating its a "rule" he like I thinks its a good idea. With the complete lack of parent participation the Pack has I dont know how to present it. If I make it an option maybe 4 parents will do it, out of 69 Scouts. Its going to be hard enough requiring health forms for all the boys. If they filled them out in Sept nobody has them now. I will have forms at the campout with me. If they dont have them or fill them out I am not going to allow them to stay. Is that too much?


            • dedkad
              dedkad commented
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              I hate to admit it, but our pack would ask for health forms, but we didn't require them. We figured the parent(s) were there, so they could handle any medical emergencies involving their child. I guess we probably should have had a health form for the parent, though, in case something happened to them.