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    I'd like to setup a topic completely dedicated to the activities/programs that add a little more flavor to the campouts we enjoy. Feel free to share your most interesting campfire moments, I'll start with my two favorites:

    1. Kodiak 2013
    One night at Kodiak(don't remember which night, all the fun blends together in my head), we hiked down a trail to find an average-size fire ring with wood already setup and benches surrounding it. The staff put on a fairly elaborate and hilarious skit which ended with one of the adults dropping something(I don't remember for sure, it was probably a match) onto the ground which lit a trail, of what was probably lighter fluid, and led the flame into the fire ring. The wood immediately burst into flames and burned brightly throughout the rest of the campfire. It was both surprising and really cool to watch.
    2. Fall Camporee 2013
    This was one of three skits that I recall my troop doing, and it was the best by far. There was a disappointing number of only five of us youth who attended this outing, but all five of us participated and made the best of it. We had no idea what we might possibly do for a skit, but the five of us put our heads together created an original skit over the course of about 2 1/2 hours. Three of us went on the "stage" and performed a stand-up comedy routine. Scout No. 1 saying the cheesiest jokes we could come up with, including: "Why couldn't the scout see the bird? Because it was in disguise(pronounced "da-skies", as in "the skies")." Scout No. 2 did several long story-like jokes which I won't take the time to write here. And Scout No. 3(Me) did outdoor/wildlife jokes, such as: "What do you call a fish with no eyes? Fsh." The fourth Scout was in the crowd and at the mid-point of our routine he called out: Where did you get your jokes, a(insert scheduled stutter here) garbage can!? Which the Troop organizing the campfire took as a insult of the skit and one of the adults almost scolded him on-the-spot, it did get a good laugh though. The fifth Scout was carrying a large branch was supposed to chase us three off the stage with the line: "That's enough cheese for one night!" But after a awkward quoting of that line and no chasing, Scout No. 2 initiated a quick save with: "OK, we're done," which came off as fairly funny as we left the stage in an awkward pause before a couple other Scouts starting clapping.

    I hope you took the time to read all that, if not, please do, for they are some of my best experiences in Scouts and they were a nice break from setting up tents and hiking. I also hope at least a few of you will keep this going with more stories or maybe some good ideas for future campfires.
    This topic is not to be confused with another of the same title:

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    I was a guest at one Troop who was really into campfire programs. They had a tradition of finding the song the SM disliked the most (American Pie in this case) and some boys would memorize EVERY word, and sing it a cappella. They dedicated it to him and sang it at every campfire. All 8 minutes of it. On occasion they would have a sign language interpreter.

    Following this all newcomers were expected to stand on a log and sing a rock song a capella as well. After a verse or two someone would take pity on them and join them.

    They also would have the youngest scout do a scary story--which was always unintentionally funny. The difference between what an 11 year old thought was scary and a 16 year old was amusing enough.


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      We had a Scoutmaster who finished a campfire minute on being wise with your money with this story ( I may missed a few details):

      "When I was 19 I was in the Merchant Marine on a freighter. I was a 3rd mate in Engineering and it was my first watch. At the end of my watch it was job to go down to the cabin of the 1st engineers mate and tell him he was to go to the bridge. I went down to his deck and knocked on the door. He said "It's open".

      I stepped in to total darkness. All I saw was the red tip of a cigarette he was smoking in the dark. He says:

      "Sonny (long draw on cigarette), I've made a lot of money over the years. (another draw) I figure I've spent 1/3rd of it on women and booze..."

      "The rest of it I wasted".