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Camp Richard (Nantucket Island, Mass) being sold to developers

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  • Camp Richard (Nantucket Island, Mass) being sold to developers

    Many New England scout troops schedule a Nantucket bike trip, for some it is an annual trip. Take the ferry, rent or take bikes, bike around island, go to the beach, and thriftily tent at Camp Richard, a 100 acre scout camp gifted to the island Boy Scouts in the early 1970s by the Nantucket Civic League

    "Cape Cod & Islands Council received a $3.5 million offer from Atlantic Development to purchase 30 acres within Camp Richard, according to Bob Graves, the president of the Nantucket District Committee of the Boy Scouts of America." Local scout leaders (Nantucket District Committee) are attempting to block to sale by transferring deed ownership to Camp Richard Campers Association

    Barnstable Superior Court judge Gary Nickerson is hearing the lawsuit filed by Council against scout leaders trying to block the sale of part of Camp Richards. In Mass, deed restrictions expire in 30 years unless reinstated. "The deed transfer from the Nantucket District Committee to the Camp Richard Campers Association sought to reinstate the restriction."
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    They revoked all the memberships of the adults involved......Wasn't that nice of them.

    So I wonder if that 3.5 mill is going to upgrade the SE's office and secretary....The real hot ones are more expensive.

    $3.5 mill sounds pretty cheap....I have no idea what the property on Nantucket Island goes for but in a resort type area.......

    Just like they sold my boyhood council camp to the brother of one of they guys on the board.

    In the end nobody really cares about the boys..... I sit back and watch the district and council fleece local businesses in the name of the boys, we go to the same old run down camp, with the same beat up facilities, They brag about the amount of money they raise year after year, I wonder where it all goes, well not really......

    Someone seriously needs to look at the BSA's council business model and fix it.


    • RememberSchiff
      RememberSchiff commented
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      $3.5 million for 30 island acres does sound on the cheap, but I have not found a map detailing the portion to be sold.

      This October, the Cape Cod & Islands Council is hosting MassJam Our attendance is becoming more doubtful.

    • Basementdweller
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      bottom line is the the BSA is a business pretending to be a youth organization...

      Not much different than those mega churches where the preachers drive bentleys and live in 5 million dollar houses.

    • RememberSchiff
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      Recently, the Wall Street Journal stated the BSA earned a "Profit Merit Badge" in selling a camp outside of Houston. I would add the BSA is a business pretending to be a conservationist.

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    Not exactly sure where it is exactly on fairground rd on the island.....But looking at the google is in the middle of some really big homes and right on the edge of town.


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    Difference of opinion?
    Council website:
    Camp Richard is a year round camping facility for the use of all Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venturers. It is owned and operated by Cape Cod and Islands Council #224. While there is no program offered, Camp Richard provides all the necessary facilities to camp and enjoy historic Nantucket.

    District website:
    Camp Richard is owned and operated by the Nantucket District BSA. We provide a year round camping facility for the use of all Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts. We do not offer any program; however, we do provide all the necessary facilities to camp and enjoy historic Nantucket.
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      Let's see...

      There once was a camp on Nantucket,

      ....probably should stop there, I guess.

      I agree. 3.5 M sounds like someone is getting a sweet deal. Wonder what the connections are?

      Here's the location on GE: 41°15'24.01" N 70°05'00.14" W


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        WOW! Not good.


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          "The Cape Cod & Islands Council responded last week with a lawsuit against 10 of Nantucket’s Boy Scouts leaders alleging fraud, conspiracy, unjust enrichment, and stated that the deed transfer was illegal, invalid, and “essentially amounts to stealing the land.” -

          I await the day these scout leaders countersue the council for these identical charges, it would seem the only ones who will monetarily benefit from this sale at all are the pro scouters. Thats just the way it always seems to happen just like it happened in my own council with multiple sales of scout property over the years.


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            This is VERY fishy. Land across the street sold two weeks ago for $30 million, for 70 acres. And someone is trying to steal this land from our boys for $3.5 million for 30 acres. There hasn't been an acre to sell for that price on the island in 20 yrs!

            The whole thing stinks. This land was donated by the Nantucket Civic League, to the Nantucket troop, 40 yrs ago.l It was given with a deed restriction that said that if it were to ever be used for something other than scouting, ownership reverted by to the Civic League. Well, no one paid attention that such a restriction automatically expires after 30 years.

            Since the Nantucket group is a troop, and not a council, at some point we joined the Cape Council. All tax and deed records show "Nantucket District, Boy Scouts of America" as the owner, but the Cape Council is assuming that means them. All improvements on the land have been paid for in donations and sweat equity by island volunteers. The troop is run solely by volunteers. But the Cape Council has decided to sell 30 of the acres to a developer. This land is pristine. Dark. No noise. No light. A wonderful place. Putting a development on even a part of the property will be disastrous!

            Knowing this, our volunteer leaders decided to transfer the deed from "Nantucket District" to a non-profit "Camp Richards Foundation" to block the sale. And, in response, the lawyer-treasurer-board member and the $100,000+/yr salaried executive scout of the council is suing each of the volunteers personally, are seeking to have them removed from the scouts, and have changed the locks on the camp! Reportedly the money is needed to rebuild the endowment that pays the executive scout's salary!

            We go back to court on Friday for the court to decide who should run the place until a trial can be set.

            This is not good. We have a petition going and are trying to sway public opinion. You can help us here: as well as share this with as many camp loving scouts as you know!



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            Any advice on how to get the national scouting community to step up and put pressure on our council to do the right thing?


            • Kristian
              Kristian commented
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              all past history with bsa national suggests they would always support the pro's in selling off land donated for scouts actual use.

            • ghinson
              ghinson commented
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              Ugh. We're starting to get a little press. If not support, maybe shame will work.

            • King Ding Dong
              King Ding Dong commented
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              Find a celebrity at speak out on it. Preferably a gay one. If you can't pull that off you could try a hunger strike. Some other options might include, a handbook burning, plant some endangered species of vegitation all around the camp (see another thread)

              Occupy Camp Richard (scouts could really rack up NOA camping nights with that one ).

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            By the way, this is what the place looks like right now. It's quiet, still, and pitch black dark! I shudder to think what it will look like with a nearby strip mall!


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              I remember reading about a similar situation in Florida in the 2006-2008 time period. Council kicked a well known and liked scouter out for leading
              the charge against the sale to developers. Fortunately the County stepped in and rezoned the land to recreational use with some other long term provisions.
              Needless to say the Council was not very pleased with the outcome as they lost out on a 13 million dollar payday. Some of the strategies used may be helpful in
              your situation. The name of the camp is Camp Flying Eagle
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                Thanks! That idea is bouncing around town. Zoning changes like this have to be approved at Annual Town Meeting. But, if nothing else works, I'm pretty sure a warrant article to this end will be submitted to the meeting!


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         - Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror, Friday Aug 16 update.

                  An interim agreement was reached today with the following stipulations:
                  • The operation, management and oversight of Camp Richard will be conducted jointly by the Cape Cod & Islands Council and the Camp Richards Campers Association.

                  • A four-member committee, including two members of the campers association and two members of the Cape Cod Council, will be formed and meet monthly at Camp Richard or by telephone to ensure the operation of the property.

                  • The campers association agreed to immediately turn over all records regarding current and future reservations, financial documents, and scouting unit contact information.

                  • Future reservations to utilize the campground may be made with either party, provided there is notification to all involved.

                  • All funds collected from the use of Camp Richard will be held in a separate escrow account by the campers association.

                  • The Council agreed to provide to the campers association keys and/or combinations to the new locks that were installed at Camp Richard last weekend.

                  • The campers association will continue to provide "campmasters" at the property.

                  • Portions of the temporary restraining order against the campers association were lifted, including the order barring them from the campground.

                  • Both parties agreed they will not destroy or alter any records pertaining to the ownership of the property.

                  "The Council has also reinstated Michael Wilson, an island attorney, Eagle Scout and volunteer Cub Scout leader who had been stripped of his membership in the Boy Scouts of America by the Council as the rift over Camp Richard deepened."
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                    Link to map showing the 3 parcels (30 acres) of Camp Richard that Cape Cod Council wants to sell. Most disturbing is this map shows Camp Richard divided into 9 parcels! What could Council be thinking?


                    • ghinson
                      ghinson commented
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                      The 100-ac property is divided into 10-ac plots. Not sure why. I think they have been like that since donated 50 yrs. ago. But each plot's deed is recorded with "Nantucket District, Boy Scouts" listed as the owner!

                      The developer is interested in all 100 acres. By selling 30 ac, the council might be thinking that if scouting doesn't survive here on the island, then they would be able to sell the rest later, profit from it, and not hurt their own kids' experience (just ours).

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                    Cape Cod Times - Sat Aug 17 update

                    On Friday, the Cape Cod & Islands Council of the Boy Scouts of America and the Camp Richard Campers Association, which runs the camp for the Nantucket District Committee of the Boy Scouts of America, filed a memorandum of understanding in Barnstable Superior Court.

                    The memorandum "doesn't go to the ultimate ownership, and there's a sharp disagreement on that," attorney David Kelston, who represented members of the Camp Richard Campers Association, said.
                    Under Friday's agreement, the Camp Richard association is barred from transferring or selling the property. But discussions with the developer about those 30 acres aren't off the table, attorney Thomas Perrino, who represents the Cape council, said.
                    "I can say there are still some discussions concerning that," he said.
                    The Nantucket district, however, believes the sale of those parcels is at least on hold until the land disagreement is settled, either by the two parties or through the courts.
                    "We're not going to do anything with any part of the land. But nobody else can either, because we own it," Kelston said.

                    The Cape Cod Times article further adds a time line. Interesting reading.