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    Our troop's Scouts are "lazy" as the former SM told me. We pretty much car camp each month within a couple hours. We did go rafting in southern KY (5+ hours) 4 years ago. We'll have a small contingent going to the Smokies this summer. We also live in one of the most depressed areas of the state so few families have money (or money to buy popcorn, etc.). A few of the Scouts do manage to fund their whole year via fundraising though. Since the troop doesn't provide the adventure, I've been doing it on my own with my sons.


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      I don't see a troop trailer as some rich excess. It takes gear to go camping and if you don't have it in a trailer that means all the more vehicles it takes to transport stuff and gas. A properly stocked troop FA kit is big, so are Dutch ovens, patrol boxes, wash tubs, coolers etc. Firewood. Our local camp would be deforested very quickly if we were not required to bring our own firewood. At my old Council you were not allowed to bring in firewood, but was more rural.

      If you have a troop of 30 I don't see how you pull it off without a trailer unless you have a bunch of Suburbans hauling everything.


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        one church van and a pick up with a cap is enough room for two patrols.


        • qwazse
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          Now, see BD, that's where you're being poud foolish. Put a hitch on the church van, pull the trailer, and you won't need the pick-up truck.

        • King Ding Dong
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          Ok, sorry dude you just jumped the shark. Church Van!!! We don't have no stinkin van. Talk about the have and have nots. All we have is a lousy trailer, no van, no pickup. We have to beg a parent to haul the trailer for us.

          You have acces to a church van and are complaining about trailers. That's something.

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        Church van hauls boys and my truck hauls gear.......

        Remember we are a two adult operation........My committee is made up of 70 year old eagle scouts who can't or won't camp and a bunch of single parent house holds or dads who work weekends. We still need the truck for the two extra seats.

        I would trade it all for a few more active adults

        When we take the van we have to be home sunday before 10 so they can use it for church........So what is the trash talk......


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          I wouldn't trust that van to pull a trailer and haul boys...........

          If I had another way I wouldn't use it at all.


          • King Ding Dong
            King Ding Dong commented
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            On a serious note, if that is one of those 15 person vans I wouldn't haul anything with it. They are dangerous loaded up as it is and it is a good idea to have two vehicles.

            But MB is partly right, you should look into trying to pool resources with another troop. Just don't try it with us rich white guys and our 18 year old troop trailer that is worth about $1200.

            On Sunday mornings we are on the road by 9:00 am. Have to get the boys back for their fencing, equestrian, crew and polo tournaments.

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          Originally posted by Basementdweller View Post
          I would trade it all for a few more active adults.
          You could always make friends with the "rich white guys" and see if they would team up on a lower cost camp out.


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            Poke fun all ya want.....

            Ethnic and poor jokes never go out of style.