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  • Camporee

    Annual district Camporee this weekend; go up Friday afternoon, return Sunday morning. Have 402 paid registrants at the moment, and the weather looks like it will cooperate. Now, if the cows have not left us too many gifts in the grass, it should be a good weekend. My small group seems better prepared this year; have hopes they will do better in the events and get through most of them. Also have scouts to be "called out", the first group in a few years; one leader is on the list, but he may not be there because he is caring for a younger child this weekend. Hope he may be up for the evening on Saturday.

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    It worked; I posted a new item. Yea.


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      Four hundred!! Good sized camp!

      I have a LARGE old American flag, 15 x 25. I go to camporees and ask for help, does anyone know how to properly fold a flag? When I get a Patrol to volunteer, I have them drag the flag out of its box and as a team, fold it up in the "cocked hat".. It takes considerable team work and direction from (hopefully) the PL or SPL to do it neatly, and not drag it on the ground!


      • skeptic
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        Now that is a great idea for COR. We really need those kind of group cooperative events. Thanks.

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      Well, the COR was over the weekend. I had six scouts and they did so so. Apparently they still stayed in the lowest third, but I hope to find out where they had the most opportunity. Think it was just not doing enough events, but do not really know. It was really dry and dusty, but only hot for a couple of hours. Had lots of cow pie dodging necessary though. Am still trying to overcome the sinus issues this morning. Had a couple of patrols get the compass event perfect; mine was not one of them. I have noticed that the biggest issue is lack of really knowing pace and carelessness on taking bearings even if they actually know how. My group has practiced numbers of times, but they still botch it up much of the time completely, or only get close. In real life they would be lost. Also have heard similar comments from other event leaders of basic skills, especially knots and first aide. Another reflection of the new order. We cannot retest, and few ever really practice on their own. Oh well. We do what we can. Still a good weekend, even though I am zonked.


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        Skeptic, thanks for the update! Sounds like many of the camporees I've attended, as a scout and a scouter...particularly the cow pies. If they were dried through, they made good fuel for the fire.

        Map/compass: the retesting issue aside, we can still practice at meetings and troop campouts...the skill and pride will click for many, with repetition and competition.

        Thanks for your leadership--unit level scouters are the foundation of the BSA.