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    I've read about the World Jamboree and the National Jamboree, and I'm planning to attend the Washington Jamboree this weekend. It looks like its going to be a lot of fun, and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm in Cub Scouting, so this sort of thing is a new experience for me, but I'm excited about it, and I'm trying to discover if there are other state jamborees in the area. I live in Oregon. I can't find anything online about an Oregon Jamboree, but it seems like these things only pop up when the organizers are ready to start collecting registrations. Does anyone here know anything about any resource that might list other smaller jamborees?

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    This may not help much but shed some light, I am in NH and we do a state Jamboree every 4 years, so depending on how often the surrounding states do one that may explain the lack of info


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      The WashJam is every 5 years. It's just before the National Jamboree. I am not aware of others in Oregon. I am in Portland. I know that the Canadian's hold a Jamboree every year in many places. Those are good to go to. I am hoping to get to one soon when my son crosses over this next year.

      I know that there are several Canadian Units coming for WashJam. Look them up and ask them about their Jamborees.

      Oh, and bring a lot of patches...


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        I forgot. Check with those in your Council who are very knowledgeable about these things. Longtime Scouters should know about these. You might find a professional who knows, but more than likely it's a Volunteer.


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          This won't help either, but some 5 councils in the northeast do "MassJam" every four years -- at least the last couple have been held at the Barnstable County Fairgrounds on Cape Cod. Coming up again October 2013 (Columbus Day weekend).



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            ScouterAdam wrote:
            Oh, and bring a lot of patches.

            But remind your scouts that in Canada, they call them crests.

            That way your scouts won't look so confused when the Canadians ask if you want to trade a brand-name toothpaste with them AND they don't look confused at your scouts when they ask the Canadians to trade material for patching their pants.


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              These events are fantastic money makers for your council...

              Our charges $75 a head. so for the weekend it cost us $90. for what???? Most of the stations were run by volunteers with no consumables. They had a band saturday night, A Tshirt with 20 sponsor logos all over the back of it.

              The lines for the shooting sports were so long the boys gave up after an hour and a half of standing there.

              I have done three of these....I will not promote them to my scouts any more.....the return on the money spent is too low.


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                Quality varies, apparently. Our state does an international jambo every 4 years (but it isn't designed to include cub scouts). Son just got back from staffing the most recent one. Scouts from 27 countries spent a week together, had a blast. Facility was a scout camp - staff was international, too. Every campsite included scouts from at least 3 countries.

                Son worked as staff on one of the shooting sports ranges - said it compared favorably to the national jambo, but with far fewer people and no waiting in lines for hours at a time.

                So sure, check it out. Call your council office and see whether anybody there has any info about an Oregon jambo - or whether they know who you should ask, if they don't have info.


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                  The Washington State Jamboree is going on now --- "Washjam."

                  A report at the district meeting was that a Japanese Scout unit was going to be there primarily because they can qualify for BSA and NRA shooting sports awards. Apparently such awards aren't available in Japan at all ---- didn't realize the country was so badly infested with liberals and Democrats!


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                    I'm glad these Japanese scouts you mention have the opportunity to attend the Washjam, hope they have fun & learn some new skills. My son staffed a range at the recent MI Int'l Jambo, and he also mentioned that scouts from several other countries where gun ownership is less common, really enjoyed the chance to shoot.

                    Now, as an aside: Seattle, I wish you'd quit the childish political bashing, it is getting irritating, and in this case is also entirely irrelevant. Japan's culture, history, laws, and politics are different from our own, and gun-culture is, not surprisingly, also very different there.


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                      Of course Japan's culture is different than our own. Conflating our own politics with those of Japan was intended to underline that fact in a humorous way.

                      Sorry if you didn't apprehend that motive.


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                        irregardless of your beliefs.....

                        You all understand that we need some sort of sensible gun control.

                        I live in the hood and watch our young men and women get blown away day after day by legally purchased hand guns... It makes me sick..

                        The NRA is way out of control..... Sure guns don't kill people, people kill people. But lets slow things down. You never hear about drive by stabbings or arrowings.

                        I own firearms... And think it is out of hand.

                        Seattle you haven't lived till you have to have your tiger den hit the floor during a meeting because you can see the muzzle flashes on the ceiling from the gun fight going on in the alley behind the church.....

                        Bet ya sing a different story.....


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                          Looked at the program and the leader guide for the washjam 2012

                          Looks like a fantastic program......and at $45 looks like an affordable weekend......The activities and stations look great. I like that the cubs and Boy scouts are separate.

                          You guys are lucky......count your blessings.