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Scouts save ASM from rabid beaver

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  • Scouts save ASM from rabid beaver

    Troop 32 from Elizaville, NY was on a camping trip to the Delaware Water Gap National Park in Pennsylvania.

    Suddenly their assistant leader felt something biting him, a beaver was attacking his hands and chest. "The animal clung onto the leader and wouldn't let go even when the troop dragged him to the shore. Not knowing what else to do the scouts killed the rabid animal and then ran to get help."

    Anyone remember another former scout leader out on the water who was allegedly attacked by a rabid (Republican? ) rabbit.

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    I remember Jimmy Carter being attacked by a rabbit, but I did not know that Jimmy Carter was a scout leader. Seems dubious to me.


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      Jimmy Carter was the only President to serve as a Scoutmaster


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        Meant to send out wishes for a quick recovery to Troop 32's ASM, by no means am I making light of an attack by a rabid animal.

        Yes, Jimmy Carter was a former scoutmaster, troop committee chairman, and explorer whether he was attacked by a swimming rabbit well...

        More detailed info on beaver attack message has been edited by RememberSchiff)


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          Learned something new today. Improves my opinion of Carter a small bit.


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            Those crazed Wood Badge critters are out recruiting again, huh?


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              I realize being attacked by a rabid animal is a serious thing, but that headline still conjures up some pretty funny pictures in my mind.


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                Yah, great.

                Just when us Beavahs were startin' to get some respect, one of our hillbilly cousins off and makes a fool out of himself by harassin' canoeists and mistaking a Scoutmaster for a tree.



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                  Hope he gets better

                  But where was the second adult????

                  You can follow up with all the associated YPT safe swim questions.


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                    This is not an isolated incident:



                    I can't help but wonder as I notice the original article did not indicate, what Wood Badge critter the ASM is associated with...



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                      Yes, I was waiting for the punch line.

                      You may also thank former President Carter for allowing U.S. citizens to be able to brew brew beer at home. Well, in retrospect, maybe we should have thanked Billy.


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                        When Carter was president I heard someone propose that the Constitution be amended to change the requirements for the president to be: a natural born citizen at least 35 years old and an only child.

                        Seriously, I have always thought that President Carter was a very decent individual. I can find no fault in his commitment to his fellow man. Like many decent men he failed to see that those around him did not measure up and his presidency suffered for it. I did not think that he was a good president (and he couldn't pronounce "nuclear" even though he majored in nuclear engineering) but if you just measured the man by the Scout Law I doubt that other presidents in my lifetime would rate any higher. Most don't get past "Trustworthy." He probably was a pretty good Scoutmaster.


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                          Hal - a very accurate synopsis in my view. Later on, after having gained valuable experience as president, he became a great statesmen.


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                            Should these scouts be considered for the Heroism Award?


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                              So what was a single ASM doing Swimming in the river with 4 boy scouts?????

                              Where was the other adults????