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Pittsburgh dad not quite ready to be SM

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  • Pittsburgh dad not quite ready to be SM

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    I think he is a dad in our Troop. :-)


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      Only half that video was funny, the other half was true.



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        Hey, quit coming in and out of the house to use the bathroom! You need to go, go in the bush... Oh, you need to go #2, then just in Tom's yard....



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          Backstory: Tom is a Raven's fan.

          The other characters are always off-screen by the way. It's just dad and his dialogue for every episode!

          The average yard around here is 50' minus hillside, of which we have lots. So PD has 250' to go. Will he make it? Don't know. I'd love to see a future episode with him at a campfire talking to Tom and their SM about what they are doing letting their boys camp 100 yards across the field.

          The character also has a teenage daughter with boyfriend drama. I have half a mind to write the producers and tell them about the Venturing program, and suggest a sketch of dad's reaction when she asks him to sign a BSA youth membership application. The other half thinks like jblake: it might be too true to be funny!