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  • Philmont transportation

    We are looking for economical ways to get 22-24 scouts from Colorado Springs to The Philmont Scout ranch. Does anyone have an estimate on bus fares or train fares? Reccomendation for/against? We are trying to lower our package price of a chartered bus of $100 per scout. Any other possible ideas?

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    You did not say when you are going. The information packets distributed by Philmont to crew advisors lists several providers of transportation services. It sounds like you have two crews. You ought to be able to do better than $100 per scout.

    I don't know what rail connections exist between Colorado Springs and Raton, NM, but if you were to try that, you still have a bus ride from Raton to the base camp. Personally, I would not include such a short rail link in my itinerary. If you are already flying into Colorado Springs, you would increase both your cost and hassle by taking a train for such a short hop, and add to the risk of missed connections.


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      I would suggest that you go to and ask this question on the message board there. I remember seeing this question there before but cannot remember what they said.


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        The bus run from Raton to Philmont is run by Philmont and is free to the inbound and outbound guests.


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          Is the Philmont operated bus between Base Camp and Raton really free? When we used that bus a few years ago, we had to kick in an extra $5.00 per passenger. That was still a very reasonable price, but I am curious about this.

          In any event, one of my earlier points was that even taking a train as close as it can get you to Philmont, still requires another leg. People taking a train from Colorado Springs (if such a service exists) still have to get from the airport in Colorado Springs to the train station. Hiring a bus door to door from the airport to Philmont certainly is simpler, and possibly even cheaper.


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            I thought it was free now but I'll check.


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              We are planning on traveling from Colorado springs to philmont on the 24th of june and return on the 7th of july. I can charter a bus for $1600 on those dates. Around $70 per with the 23 individuals we have going. If i could find other troops going down we have room for another 24 individuals. Is ther any way to find out who else is going? The $1600 is a flat rate so that would greatly diminish everyones cost. Train runs from $60 for adult (16 and over) to $30 for 15 and under. I was concerned about transportation between locations in col springs and potential delays as well. First choice would be charter. Thx for the help.


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                On any day during the season there are probably 20 to 30 crews arriving at Philmont from different directions. I would think that it is highly likely that at least one other crew would be coming through Colorado Springs on the same day and would be happy to share a ride. However, how you go about identifying and contacting such people is beyond me.