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    I am in agreement with the discussion so far. He already sat for the SM conference when he talked to him about the BOR. If the requirements are complete, then it is up to the BOR to determine if the rank should be given. The questions are- 1. How do we get the SM to agree with this discussion? and 2. How do we do this without losing the scout while the problem is being solved?
    I would like to hear a contrarian view if there is one here.
    (I have tried to get scouters involved with issues to read this forum when I have had conflicts. Unfortunately, they are rarely convinced by rational discussions).


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      My son and his Scoutmaster worked things out. He had his Scoutmaster Conference and was signed off on his Eagle Scout Application on May 29. Thank you for all of your support.


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        Congratulations to your son on receiving Eagle! I am happy that everything worked out. He sounds like a committed Scout, one that does a job well.



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          I earned my Eagle at 14. Some Scouts advance faster than others. For his Scoutmaster to say at this point "he needs to slow down" is to little to late. For me Scouting was (and still is) a priorty. When I was working toward Eagle that's all I did (including homework). This is also not sending a good message to the other Scouts in his troop. If your Scout has fulfilled all the requirements for the rank than he deserves to be awarded this highly coveted honor.

          13 years old is young. I'm sure someone has checked to make sure the timeframes in between each rank are on the up and up. If everything is in order than I would get someone at council involved especially if the Scoutmaster is holding strong to his view.

          Eagle Scout Class of 1981

          PS.....Whitewater: You wouldn't happen to be from Whitewater WI would you? I grew up there and was a member of Troop 173. Let me know


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            Oops. I should have read farther. i see he was awarded his Eagle. Congrats to you and your son.



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              Congratulations! I think, unfortunately, every post in this thread is correct. Both sides of the issue. Sadly, the SM has been reduced to a signature on a piece of paper for a boy to achieve Eagle. The rank itself is being reduced to a set of requirements to be fulfilled.

              While it seems this particular Scout is an exception, many young scouts are pushed to Eagle by their parents as early as possible. Most times this leads to scouts either burning out early or worse, leaving scouting after achieving it's highest rank. In scouting as in most things in life, the process is infinitely more important than the result. The rank is designed to recognize those scouts who show exceptional leadership and scout spirit in the troop environment.

              The singular most important components to what makes a true Eagle Scout are Leadership and Scout Spirit. These two aspects of the Eagle rank are diminished by BSA making it easier to be an Eagle (by reducing it to a set of requirements).

              One question that was not answered. How did this scout do an Eagle project with out his Scoutmasters approval? Did this troop committee, district, and council approve all the preliminary requirements without the Scoutmaster's knowledge or endorsement? Is the first time the SM was brought into the equation when the scout asked for a SM Conference?

              Sir, I hope your son stays in scouting and gives back at least until his 18th birthday.



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                Editing a comment
                Thank you Z, Welcome to the forums. Read more closely, and you will see that this Scout is now perhaps 22 years old. I hope he stayed in Scouts too.
                And your comment about the Eproject is valid.