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  • Eagle Palms

    According to the Palm requirements, a scout must: "Be active in your troop and patrol for at least three months after becoming an Eagle Scout or after award of last Palm."

    But what if a Scout is no longer active in their Troop but is active in a Venturing Crew? Do Crews count or does it have to be a Troop?

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    If I were your advisor, I'd count it.
    Besides, so what if some bean counter splits hairs over how it's spelled out in the advancement guide? If you want to earn more MBs, do so until you find something better to do. If they don't award you a palm, you still can take pride in your hard work and maybe learn something cool along the way. If they do, that's gravy!


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      P.S. - I know that sounds weird, doing something without expecting anything in return. The first guy to suggest a boy do that musta flunked outta school.

    • EagleScout441
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      Haha, I'm just curious, that's all.

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    There's this statement here. It kind of spells out the general thrust of the guide to advancement, which states: "Position of responsibility requirements for Boy Scout ranks may be met by the Venturer or Sea Scout serving in crew or ship positions as outlined in the Boy Scout Requirements book. The Advisor or Skipper conducts the unit leader conference. The crew or ship committee conducts Star and Life boards of review, and Eagle Scout boards follow the local council's established procedure."


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      Bam case closed beat me too it