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This should bring some discussion going forward

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  • This should bring some discussion going forward

    From the advance notice on National site; Proposed changes in 2016.

    Boy Scout Change Summary
    NOT Changing
    • Current ranks or approach (T-1
    concurrent; S-E sequential)
    • Use of merit badge program
    • Scout becomes a rank
    • Additions:
    – Service @ all ranks
    (conservation related at Life)
    – Health eating/habits
    – Some reordering (T-1)
    – Physical fitness at each rank –
    – Outdoor ethics – LNT & TL
    – Weather safety, risk
    assessment & mitigation
    – Duty to God incorporated in
    requirement to show Scout
    Spirit.Boy Scouts - Transition
    Current Requirements
    New Requirements
    Current Requirements
    MUST Be Used
    Transition Period
    (See Following Detail)
    New Requireme

  • #2
    Wow a Task Force! Seems an overly big production for minor changes, e.g. Page 7 is a beaut.

    So to use MBA-speak, the executive summary is
    1. All will now use Boy Scout oath, law, and salute. Adjust accordingly.
    2. AOL will no longer require earning Webelos. This was the BIG reason that it made no sense for a new scout to join Webs in 5th grade and instead wait or not to join Boy Scouts... long overdue.
    3. Other minor changes which you'll see when new handbooks come out. You may now return to your regular programming.

    Things that will problematic
    Cub Scouts - " For each rank...include a family-based Duty-to-God adventure.", feedback from parents has been MYOB.
    Boy Scouts -
    "Some reordering (T-1)". Hah, why not just go back to working one rank at a time in sequence!
    "Duty to God incorporated in requirement to show Scout Spirit" Huh? What about Duty to Country, Duty to Other People, and Duty to Self ?

    My $0.02,


    • Scouter99
      Scouter99 commented
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      1. The Cub salute, sign, and handshake are not changed. (p. 5)

  • #3
    Schiff; I suspect the "duty to God" element is aimed at strengthening the program against the next political attack after the current one comes to its likely final outcome regarding leaders. Do not see anyone attacking BSA on the duty to country, others, or self elements so no need to strengthen them in comparison. JMHO of course.


    • RememberSchiff
      RememberSchiff commented
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      You're probably right. Maybe it was just poor phrasing on their part that struck a nerve, to me, Scout Spirit is all those duties together.

      Brad Smith chairing Leadership Development on this Task Force, wonder if he is the same who strongly opposed the May decision?

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    Slide 2 says something about changing to provide today's Scouts with what the both want and need. How many Scouts have complained that the program needs a greater emphasis on nutrition, religion and outdoor ethics? No, me either.

    One constant want since I joined in 1969 has been to cut down on the school-work merit badges, but I see no mention of that.


    • #5
      I see that the sports and academics program is to be discontinued for cubbies. Am I correct in assuming this is the end of the big distraction of belt loops?


      • Basementdweller
        Basementdweller commented
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        are you kiddding.

        The beltloop program has got to be one of BSA's biggest cash cows. the couldn't possibly get rid of it.

        Mom sits down with johnny cub and looks at the website...Hey you did this when you were three, this at school, This on vacation two years ago. Bang......30 bucks worth of belt loops. with a profit of $25. Johnny Cub feels like big man on the block with a belt full of crap, yes I said crap, that has little meaning to him other than Shiney.

    • #6
      I was surprised to see that too. I think the belt loop program is a good addition I'd hate to see it go (and don't forget the corresponding pins which aren't easy to earn). If a DL is running a decent den program, most of the den is done with their rank badges by February. BL are great filler programs, either for the spring or sprinkled throughout the year. And you're right Base, but at 7 or 8 Shiney is pretty good motivation.


      • Basementdweller
        Basementdweller commented
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        Maybe the old BSA is listening to the BS leaders in that their is too much bling in cub scouting and that we lose boys when they cross over because they don't receive enough awards????? Seen some cub uniforms that are way out of line with crap on them, they look like youth woodbadgers.

        A few boys are motivated by shiney....But I have picked up probably 100 belt loops off the floor after Pack meetings, never to be claimed. So my point, the boys don't really care about them. The old achieve to easily, esteem to lightly.

    • #7
      What I found interesting is that there is no mention of Kindergarten Lions. Many folks were assuming that BSA was waiting for the Cub program re-write to include the Kinder-Cub level.

      It seems that BSA will not be taking that program nation-wide as of the 2015-2016 Scout year.


      • #8
        Cub Scouts Design Objectives Slide 7: Opportunity to Enhance Fun w/ Academics & Sports Pgrm
        Cub Scout Change Summary Slide 11: Changing - Academics & Sports program discontinued 5/15



        • koolaidman
          koolaidman commented
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          That one flew right by me.... ?? is right

      • #9
        I for one welcome the change from tiger cub (with logo that looks like it is designed to appeal to toddlers) to tiger.


        • #10
          I am very disappointed to hear about the discontinuation of the belt loop program. It is a big part of our scout program including summer camps, focusing family trips, activities at den meetings, and belt loop days. I really enjoy the belt loop program and how it is geared to different age groups. There is definitely an earning aspect happening for young kids and they should be rewarded. The belt loop program was perfect for enthusiastic scouts to take scouting to the next level.


          • #11
            Of the Drop Outs I have Know..None have said they dropped because of "less Bling" it has more to do with more Activities available to them.
            As Kids get Older it is Harder to keep them interested. Once Scouting Becomes Mundane to them, they begin losing interest. Older Scouts must continuously be challenged. And of Course you start having to compete with "Girls"


            • #12
              and meanwhile we still wait for the Venturing requirements that will take effect before these Cub/Boy Scout changes....


              • #13
                One thing that I would have wanted to see was a connection between training and advancement. We have ILST and NYLT training out there, but it is in no way tied to the program. This is not a dig on the training. I believe leadership training has its place. But like Venturing requires ILSC to earn Silver, I believe that part of the higher ranks (Life, Eagle) should be not only to serve in a leadership position, but to attend the training that supports it.

                In addition, I would like to see some kind of recognition (in the form of official bling) for scouts who attend NYLT or NAYLE. I know they can wear a patch on their right pocket, but they can wear anything on their right pocket. This leadership training should allow them to wear something distinctive......

                But I digress....