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Earned ALL 134 merit badges in protest to labelled too young for Eagle?

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  • Earned ALL 134 merit badges in protest to labelled too young for Eagle?

    Apparently this young scout was told by ??? that he was too young to earn Eagle. So he went ahead and earned all 134 merit badges figuring it would be harder to turn him down a second time?

    According to the article, "just over 200" have earned all merit badges available when they were scouts. I had assumed they were all Eagles, well at least one was not.

    Time for a second cup of coffee, this is just too strange.
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    He won't turn 14 until next February.


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      The reporter asked all the wrong questions ... Especially for a video segment. I would have preferred footage of the boy tying a timber hitch, or maybe demonstrating some Lifesaving holds. But, if you didn't know his age, you'd look at his insignia and ask if he'll have his Eagle project done soon. The boy is already SPL.


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        Sooooo, Assuming he joined the troop at 10.5, He is now 13.5 and probably 13 when he finished this stunt. he was in the troop for 30 months. he probably had the 21 merit badges for eagle lets assume 18 months......

        So he earned 110 merit badges in a year to year and a half??? that is 6-9 merit badges a month.

        Sorry something doesn't smell right.


        • King Ding Dong
          King Ding Dong commented
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          He credits Mom with supporting him. Hope that support was driving him around and not signing blue cards. Would also like to see how much money the parents spent. Some of these are not cheap.

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        He would have shown me more had he spent the extra time camping, hiking, fishing, shooting, providing service, leadership to others and having fun with his Scout friends. All this proves is there is something terribly wrong with the advancement program in his troop/district.


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          Agree Twocubdad.. Sounds like scout did a lot of busy work (or his parents did), but has he stopped long enough to learn & understand what scouting is all about. I am wondering how many of those meritbadges were done the right way, and how many were in watered down summer camp programs, meritbadge workshops, and mom or dad as the MBC..

          He also makes it sound like if he didn't do this then he would NEVER earn eagle rank, I don't those slowing him down wanted to see was all meritbadges what they wanted was him to slow down and enjoy the process .. He totally proved he just doesn't get it.

          Though I don't think it is right for someone to hold someone back with false rules when they decide to earn Eagle at 13 or whatever.. It is simply give him his patch, and I personally at this stage of the game, would not be impressed.. Now, if afterwards he stayed in and settled into enjoying scouting, he would then earn my respect, and if he high tailed it out with his badge, he is simply a paper eagle.. Nothing for people to make up rules from keeping him from doing it..

          So give him his patch with all his meritbadges and see if he stays in and slows down.. I believe if he tries to turn those Merit Badges into palms, what he has left will force a slow down.. if Mr. speedy speeds off to other things.. Well, maybe those things can teach him what scouting failed to.

          After becoming an Eagle Scout, you may earn Palms by completing the following requirements:
          1. Be active in your troop and patrol for at least three months after becoming an Eagle Scout or after award of last Palm. (Eagle Palms must be earned in sequence, and the three-month tenure requirement must be observed for each Palm.)
          2. Demonstrate Scout spirit by living the Scout Oath (Promise) and Scout Law in your everyday life.
          3. Make a satisfactory effort to develop and demonstrate leadership ability.
          4. Earn five additional merit badges beyond those required for Eagle or last Palm. (Merit badges earned any time since becoming a Boy Scout may be used to meet this requirement.)
          PS.. Seriously how many scouts AIM for earning all 134 meritbadges? In my lifetime, I have met a total of zero.


          • Baseballfan
            Baseballfan commented
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            my younger son is one. He will need to step up his pace a little if he is to be successful, but that is his goal.

          • perdidochas
            perdidochas commented
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            I've met one scout that was aiming for all 134 merit badges. he got to 45, and hasn't earned a badge in years. has been a life scout since march 2010.

          • christineka
            christineka commented
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            I tutored a kid on bugle, whose mom ained for him to earn all 134 merit badges. Kid himself didn't. He didn't even want to play bugle. (I broke off the tutoring sessions because they were not productive, since you can't learn to play a brass instrument without practicing.)

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          Well if patches are to be believed, he attended the Summit Jamboree. I wonder how many merit badges he earned there. Many questions all around.


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            I see a homeschooler who spent most of his time working MBs. Not based on facts, just on similar circumstances that I've seen.


            • Baseballfan
              Baseballfan commented
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              agree... I just can't fathom how a Scout who goes to a traditional school could possibly get over 100 merit badges in 3 years!?! I wish the kid himself would publicly talk about his experience!

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            Doesn't prove anything other than he can sample a wide range of topics. I never put much stock in merit badges as a youth, and I still don't.I hope he continues on and holds more positions like PL, SPL, Guide, Instructor. Maybe towards then end of his youth involvement he becomes a JASM.
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            • Sentinel947
              Sentinel947 commented
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              Haha. That post was a mess wasn't it. BD and JBlake, I edited my first post for a bit more clarity. You two were like... "WHAT?" I'm not crazy I swear! =P

              I would hope that would be his path in the future. Something he did AFTER earning his Eagle. Mainly staying involved with Scouting. Not advocating for a 14 year old JASM. He's got alot of time left in Scouting to take more useful positions like PL or SPL. I can't imagine ending my Scouting "career" at 14. I would never have been an SPL, Guide or Instructor if I had left at 14.

              And jblake: I don't work with a one Patrol Troop. I work in a Troop with 8 Patrols. I think the best thing a young Eagle can do is jump back into a position like PL, TG and Instructor.
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            • jblake47
              jblake47 commented
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              8 patrols? Your SPL has a "patrol" of PL's. Definitely a working POR! I hope your ASPL is active "PL" working with the "patrol" of other troop officers as well!


            • perdidochas
              perdidochas commented
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              Quayze, the scoutmaster handbooks says that a JASM has to be 16 or 17.

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            Why is it that any time some boy achieves something exceptional, there are so many that come out of the woodwork on this board and claim that something must be fishy even though they know absolutely nothing about the situation?

            There are plenty of stories to be found about exceptional children achieving remarkable things in other endeavors…amazing athletes…genius boys and girls who are attending college when their age-peers are in middle school. Some people are just exceptional or achieve exceptional things.

            All you folks looking down your noses from a position of ignorance are a bunch of knuckleheads.


            • Brewmeister
              Brewmeister commented
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              Funny you should try to call me out on this basement since you were the first one to trot out the "it doesn't smell right" criticism, yet again. Without fail you are the first person to start chucking rocks the minute someone who you don't know, or some situation you couldn't have any way of knowing, doesn't live up to the standards of the perfect program that apparently only you can run. Frankly I'm sick and tired of reading your drivel that rarely, if ever, adds anything to the discussion, and from here on out you're just going to go on the old ignore list with the other knuckleheads so your ramblings don't clutter up my page any more.

              To everyone else:

              On one hand, this is a monumental task that obviously couldn't have been completed unless mom and dad were merit badge counselors who were pencil whipping the lad through the requirements.

              But of course on the other hand, merit badges don't really prove anything because they ain't all that hard, it's a shame the boy ain't doing any real scouting, etc etc etc.

              So…which is it?

            • moosetracker
              moosetracker commented
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              Both.. Merit badges have a lot to them, when done right.. When done wrong you can get 3 to 5 in one Merit Badge academy day of work.. If done right and going for all your nose is in a merit badge book for 6 or 7 years.. (Whoever said their son is going for it, but is getting close to aging out may be doing the Merit badges more correctly, but I would be surprised if all MBC's he worked with really knew what they were doing..) When done wrong, your nose is in a merit badge book for about 2 years..

              It is not really the Scouts fault if done wrong. They would need to have the ability to know the right way it should be done, and have the ability to tell the MBC they either need to work the MB right with them, or they will need to find a new MBC.. My son has come home with a merit badge from summer camp that we felt weren't done right, but it was a done deal.. We did try to correct the problem, but soon discovered, us reworking what wasn't done in on a merit badge with him was a bad idea.. We had him torture a fish to death trying to have him clean a fish when no one knew how.. He used to love fishing, but just did catch & release.. After the fish gutting debacle, he has never fished since.. Now the camp does do the fish cleaning part of the requirement. It is still a catch & release pond they fish in, but the camp has to buy fish that the scouts clean.

              Actually our camps went from bad on doing Merit badges correctly, to being pretty good. The Advancement group from District & council have cracked down on them if they hear of any complaints.. Our districts though still run merit badge workshops which are just set up by whoever want to run one, and I have never heard of the Advancement committee looking into how they are run. So Scout Masters who don't believe in them, don't promote them to their scouts in hopes they will not hear about them from anybody else..

              Really it's just a bunch of well intentioned people, who are getting it all wrong, whether that be the scout, the Scouts parents, the MBC, the troop whose main focus is in quick advancement, a lot of the Merit badge workshops, and a lot of summer camp programs.

            • Basementdweller
              Basementdweller commented
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              You can't possibly believe the lad actually Earned 134 merit badges in less than 3 years.

              My program is far from even marginal. I have posted with my struggles with lads earned dog care merit badge with no dog, Personal management in a week. I had a lad return from a Merit badge day a year ago having earned everyone they offered. 8 merit badges in a single day......The other lad that attended said he simply went around and collected cards.....

              So while there are dynamo's out there tearing up the scout world, I have yet to meet one.

              Like I mentioned earlier in the thread, I have met two lads who have earned all the merit badges at the time I met them.....Both were older than 16.

              then I didn't care for the attitude in the interview......Well you deny me eagle, I will just go out and earn all of the merit badges then I dare you to deny me again.

              So what does the SPL patch tell us???? Nothing. It could be an adult let troop where the boys are appointed. Could be boy led where it is a popularity contest???? Could be a figure head position only. Too many variables for it to be a meaningful benchmark.
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            I saw the video. The lad is a Life Scout and it looks like he has an SPL (maybe an ASPL) patch on so he must be participating to some degree. We got a boy like that--he was mostly home schooled. He ended up as ASPL. Needless to say a lot of Merit Badge Academies were involved. but ours is a good scout. We have another who has 100+ at 13 but will skip a campout to pursue his own MB goal...I got a problem with that...


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              We likely are, as usual, missing some important elements of the story. If he has had the support of SM's, then who is holding him back from the Eagle completion? Does it have to do with leadership issues; if he is now SPL, he certainly appears on the verge? Is it that he simply has not gotten around to the project? As usual, the media jumps off half cocked on this without giving us the complete picture. At the end, they mention him being a freshman; that would make him ahead of peers in school as well, which supports some of "Brewmeister's" comments. Would be nice to get the broader picture; but hopefully he will finish up and continue as a mentor for others, as well as leadership for the palms.


              • Basementdweller
                Basementdweller commented
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                Ya we don't know Skeptic. So is the SM who is slowing down his Eagle progress signing the Blue cards???? I wonder why the SM is slowing him down?

                My son is 14 and a freshman, not sure what has to do with it??? If he is homeschooled then all bets are off related to his real grade in school.

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              Yeah, it's funny. I'm an Eagle Scout. I can't count the number of people who've told me over the years, "I could have been an Eagle but....insert lame excuse here." After high school I joined the Navy's Nuclear Power program, became a reactor operator, lo and behold, when people with any sort of clue about the program found out in conversation, I hear something to the effect of "I could have been a nuke but...insert lame excuse here."

              The key word and tricky phrase from the article is:

              "Carter said it's okay for some not to approve of what he's doing, just like it's ok for him to pursue a goal. "It doesn't bother me a bit. That just tells me they don't know me," Carter said."

              Basically he's telling all of us he doesn't give a rat's hind-quarters about our opinions. That's the kind of character and confidence I'd like to see more young men develop.


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                Oh it's not so unbelievable. Takes some planning, some denial of other activities (tv, video games, dance lessons, ) and some effort at finding the proper MBC and time limits ("be the Troop Bugler for three months")..Home schoolers are like that. Chemistry MB is a middle school curriculum. Astronomy is a two week science curriculum. American Heritage is History lined up! If Scoutson had been more attentive to things, and mom and dad had been more pushy , he could have earned the Citizenship in the Nation in a week instead of two months......

                I hope he finds (and deserves) the scholarship to the school of his choice. OR, invents the alternative to the internet.


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                "I could have been an Astronaut but was too unfit, had bad eye sight, and was lazy". Alas it is now too late. Too rub salt in the wounds my two 1st cousins were both Eagles in the Day (1970's) and both got into the Astronaut program. Now I see some folks who want it enough start targeting at an early age.

                Agree badly written article/story.