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When must the scout quit trying to raise funds for his Eagle Project?

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    Loans to be covered by donations are not unknown in the real world. That said, this seems to be an issue between the Scout and the benefactor. I would review it on a case-by-case basis.

    From the Project Workbook: The Fundraising Application
    If your fundraising effort involves contributions only from the beneficiary or you, your parents or relatives, your unit or its
    chartered organization, or parents or members in your unit, submitting the fundraising application is not necessary. If you
    will be obtaining money or materials from any other sources, you must submit a completed application to the local council
    service center.

    This is interesting to me, because it shows that we expect that a lot of projects are funded by friends and family. The standard fundraising at our Unit seems to be making dinner on Troop meeting nights. If you come 30 minutes early, you get a hot meal and you drop a donation in the bucket.


    • fred johnson
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      I like the dinner before troop meeting fundraising. Great and creative idea.

      I do not think the fundraising app means you are expected to raise funds from family and friends. IMHO, it means if you are going to extend fundraising outside of your normal scouting sphere (church, scouts, family, etc) to the public, then you need to coordinate that fundraising effort with other fundraising efforts.

      For example, scouting for food, friends of scouting, million dollar day, etc. A potential issue is soliciting heavy from local businesses by walking them door to door and then also having the friends of scouting effort raising funds. They collide and defeat each other.

      Door to door business visits would probably be bad.

      A car wash would probably be fine. Or extra popcorn sales. Or ....

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    The only possible issue is the sign off. There is nothing unethical in have the cash fronted and the loan paid off. When I took over pack finances I and a few other leaders bought things before the fundraising money was in. Booked it as reimbursements owed, and when cash came in we were reimbursed. I'm not sure why a teenager should be held to a cash only funding model. Funding overruns and securing loans is part of real world finance. Nothing unethical about fundraising and the cash going to the parents to pay off the loan. They can choose to write off the note as a donation or not. But he should have the paper trail. Sometimes is harder to raise funds when the job is done, sometimes easier because people know the work is done as opposed to planned.