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  • Eagle Project - Fundraising form

    I have a Scout that recently got his Eagle Scout project approved by the council, his next step is fundraising that will be done in cooperation with a few local businesses. His plan is to contact the businesses to determine a date that works for them to get the fundraising done. He notified the Scoutmaster of this to make sure that the three dates don't conflict with any troop activities. The Scoutmaster told the Scout that he can't talk to the businesses until he has his fundraising forms completed and signed. Since the fundraising forms require a date for the fundraising, isn't this a catch-22?

    How should the Scout proceed?

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    Take the BS out of the BS of A. I would tell the scout ...

    Put all three dates on the form with "Best date to be determined after consultation with businesses involved." Get those signatures ASAP. You might get feedback as to which date would be better from your district's perspective.
    Talk to the owners of the businesses about the possible fundraising date. Let them know you have yet to get final approval. This will help you know if there are goings-on in your community that will determine the best date for you.
    Determine what works best for everybody involved. Choose that date. Call your council HQ with the confirmed date and they can update the form accordingly. (I am certain every council does this differently.)

    Don't let circular reasoning get in the way of a good deed!


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      For my son's project he put in a date range, as in, we'll be fundraising between these dates at times and locations to be determined.


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        Spoke to Scoutmaster, it was a poorly written response. He was just making sure that after he contacted the businesses that he didn't forget to do the fundraising form.


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          Communication is such a drama killer.

          But, here's something to consider ... why are you being the middleman between your boy and his SM? There will be dozen's of decisions like this between now and project completion. The reason why we require projects like this is to teach boys how to manage multiple parties, including their parents. If something is unclear, do point it out to the boy and have him figure out what to do/who to call. Then the next day ask him if he did it.

          I know I hated that role of being the guy giving my kids those "little nudges" to talk to SM/Coach/Teacher/Principle on their own, but it's really impressive a couple of years later to see those kids nudging themselves and taking the world by storm.

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          Hey SN95, your other topic:

          Eagle project fund raising form
          Yesterday, 08:05 AM
          When a Scout has several different fund raisers for his project how should he fill out the fundraising form, one for each fund raiser or combine them all into one form?

          The topic is closed so it will not allow anyone to reply, not sure how to open it though.