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Merit Badge Books in PDF Format

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    Just asking a question here

    I wonder what the ratio is of merit badges earned to merit badge books purchased?????


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      I'd bet low. If our troop is any indication, probably >10%. While I agree not everyone has access to the electronics, making them available as a 99cent app would certainly increase circulation, if not profit.


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        Illustrated children's books have 2 copyrights: one for the author and one for the illustrator. Wife used the cover art, and if memory serves as the published journal is in the attic, one .additional illustration from each book. Lawyers got involved b/c wife sent a letter tryign to get permission per the association's instructions. And she did try to stop the presses, but it was to late.

        Funny thing is this. First lawyer had no problem with it, and we only talked once. Second lawyer didn' think it would eb a problem, but wanted to double check. His second call said it was no problem.

        Third lawyer was the P.I.T.A. First she wanted over $1000 since it was already published and my wife 'got paid for it already.' Explained the situation to her, but apparently it did not go through her head. Over the next 3 months wwe would get calls with lower and lower prices, until secodn to last call it was $100 she wanted us to pay. that's when I had it. Explained for the umpteenth time the situation, and then said "maybe I should contact the journal and have them charge your client for a three page add since A) the article promoted the book and B) the journal went to every single public library, school library, and college library in the state as well as other ALA members." the next call was whenthey said fine.


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          Yep, that explains it. Makes perfect sense now. I guess I didn't anticipate the artwork issue. When I write book reviews, the only way artwork enters the review is when I note errors or inaccuracies in technical graphs or illustrations...not exactly what you'd often do with reviews of children's books, I think. I'm glad you eventually managed to outlast the scavenger.


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            Originally posted by bnelon44
            Much of the merit badge program is financed from the sale of merit badge books and badges. The BSA has looked into and will be offering electronic merit badge books in the not too distant future that will be dowanloadable to iphones and tablets and the like and sold where you get applets.
            Like Twocubdad wrote...
            I would love to see how much of a budget is granted for the Merit Badge program and where it goes exactly...Study Matterials ?????

            As a Merit Badge Counselor.. I am a Volunteer..I buy my Own Books...I bought books which an Interested Sout can check out from me if his troop does not have one. I can not see a Scout having to Buy his own unless they just insist.

            I teach Nature, Reptile and Amphibian Study and Pets


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              The public library has always been a source for the Merit Badge Pamphlets.
              Since libraries can legally make a limited number of digital copies of printed texts for purposes of noncommercial lending, you could partner with your local public library to get the pamphlets they have into a digital format that can be borrowed by the scouts. There would be a limit to how many digital copies could be checked out at any one time, but it would at least be a digital option available to the scouts.


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                Welcome to the forums, SharkAttack. Do you have a reference for your claim that libraries can legally make copies? I'd like to read more about that.


                • Scout Finch
                  Scout Finch commented
                  Editing a comment
                  I too am interested in this idea.

                  One of our scout's dad is a librarian and would probably work with us if possible.

                  BSA has said that they update 20% of the Merit Badge Pamphlets per year and that's pretty hard to keep up with.

                  A lot of Library Collections are pretty out of date and their funding keeps getting chipped (and sometimes CHOPPED) away at. They may have a harder time helping with this than in the past.

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                It looks like it may be coming:


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                  Originally posted by packsaddle View Post
                  Copyright is a big deal and violating that not only asks for legal remedies, it is a clear violation of the Scout Law, at least one of them, and the Oath.
                  On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with creating a 'lending library' for the troop to use. Old copies of the pamphlets can be donated by boys once they're finished with the merit badges or they can be purchased directly by the troop. OR multiple boys who intend to work on the same badge can share the cost and purchase a single shared copy.

                  But Copyright does prohibit MAKING COPIES, no matter what form they take, even if not for profit.

                  Krampus, telling someone about a criminal activity is not a crime in itself, even if the reader decides to engage in the criminal activity as a result. However, the better action would be to inform those who are breaking the law that they should stop, BEFORE they receive that stiff note from an attorney.
                  Unauthorized use of BSA material, logos, etc can be reported at